Interim Commercial Leadership

Our Service

For all companies, the effectiveness of its go-to-market approach is a primary driver of success. Developing an optimal mixture of direct sales, partnerships, and marketing that successfully meets the commercial objectives of the organisation.

Focusing to ensure each element undertakes its role perfectly, while in turn, supportive of each other, to drive enhanced effectiveness and commercial efficiency into the short and longer-term.

Our Interim Commercial Leadership service is designed to optimise a client’s go-to-market environment, focusing on bringing material and tangible benefits fast. We do this by ‘rolling up our sleeves’ to deliver new business and inject sales success, leading by example, and levering our extensive networks and sales experience for ‘quick material wins’.

At the same time we facilitate commercial enhancements throughout the organisation in each critical go-to-market area, to improve a clients longer-term commercial approach and expertise. Delivered by commercial experts, with at least 15 years of experience and success in the field, using the broad process below to guide us:

Our Typical Client

Our Interim Commercial Leadership service is typically aimed at growing businesses looking to optimise their commercial functions of sales, business development, partnerships and marketing. Working closely with product teams and engineering as needed.

We have seen specific success for with this solution for: entertainment & media, financial services & fintech, e-commerce & retail and many others sectors

“DWG turned around an immature and poorly performing sales function. Delivering new sales quickly, while enhancing the foundations of our approach, team, and systems.”

CEO, Kalixa Payments Group

Our Proven Methodology Framework

Initial Plan & Review

While our focus is always to get going and provide benefits as fast as possible, it is imperative that a time-boxed, short-stage review is undertaken to plan the sales focus. This allows ‘quick wins’ to be identified in sector and targets, based on need, solution fit, known contacts and budget. If time allows at this stage, we also look at critical enhancements to improve conversion through the sales funnel, in areas such marketing.

Quick Win Focus

Using the output of the review cycle we roll-up our sleeves and hunt and develop new business. Prioritising efforts based on the planning stage, and then from feedback during sales activity. Focusing on driving conversion through the sales funnel as fast as possible, while protecting the brand profile, and providing best-practice examples to other members of the sales function. Engendering change as needed.


In parallel and from market feedback, we review key functions that can affect sales conversion; identifying improvements in marketing, partnerships, product, systems, engineering and teams. Working with senior leadership to roadmap and effect necessary changes to improve the overall commercial effectiveness.


Our final proof of success is an enhanced and successful client sales team. Where we are able to handover elegantly.

This framework is flexibly structured to allow clients to select the breadth and depth of the insight required, to meet their budget and needs.

The Benefits

  • Quick Impact: Our approach , expertise, and network ensures a quick and positive impact for your sales and commercial needs. We ruthlessly prioritise our activities where they will bring the most return; which we combine with a clarity of experience to guide additional efforts for longer-term commercial enhancement and success. In addition, there is no ‘hiring delay’, meaning improvements start almost immediately
  • Cost Effective: With our expertise, networks and approach there is virtually no ‘learning curve’, meaning your investment with us gets working right from day one. Which is often not the case with full-time employees
  • Flexible: Our approach allows us the provision of one or more stages depending on the exact needs of the client. Allowing us to tailor the approach to budget and need
  • Long-term Improvement: Our example and success ultimately change in-house commercial behaviour. We actively plan for our obsolescence, training and hand-overs, as well as identifying improvements to areas that influencing the success of the commercial function. Ultimately leading to longer-term success

Practice Leadership

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Andrew SalmonSenior Partner, Optimisation & Delivery
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