Whitepaper: The Impact of Digitalisation on the Public Transport Industry

What You Will Learn in This Whitepaper

In this white paper, we look into the digitalisation of Public Transport. How disruptive technology affects a somehow traditional sector, and how it needs to adapt to it for survival. We cover the threats and the opportunities. From geo-fencing to open-loop ticketing to autonomous vehicles – everything is up for grabs. And the COVID-19 pandemic has made the need for change even more acute, highlighting the need for fast digitalisation.

You will learn:

  • The impact of digitalisation and disruption.

  • New digital businesses in public transport. Digital layering and digital slavery.

  • New Digital Models.
  • New Digital Tools.
  • Digitalisation – Ticketing. Islands and bridges; ticketing as a service; blockchain.

Impact of Digitalisation on the Public Transport Industry Download

“At the heart of any potential disruption (or opportunity) in transport, we will have the Value Proposition: moving a customer from A to B in the most efficient, cheap and frictionless way.”

Enrique Fernandez-Pino – Senior Partner, Digital Works Group

Enrique Fernandez-Pino

Enrique Fernandez-Pino


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