In this video, produced by Annapurna Recruitment for their HR Transformation Network, Jeff Wellstead – Digital People expert – looks at the types of HR analytics tools the HR teams of the future will have at their disposal.

These HR analytics tools will have the power to make a significant difference to all businesses, and offer real strategic advantage.



Today most HR professionals are used to a number of digital tools to support HR processes (in particular administrative functions), such as applicant tracking systems, learning management systems and enterprise resource planning.

However the major flaw remains that that they are typically not joined-up. This frequently leaves HR professionals still trying to work out how to draw out meaningful data from them, and achieve the holy grail of a truly ‘joined-up’ view and impact of the people within their organisation.

This is particularly frustrating for smaller and mid-sized organisations who may not have the resources for more comprehensive tools like Oracle or SAP (and in every module).

However there is now an exciting new breed of HR analytics tools becoming available – and these are set to revolutionise the insights that can be achieved.

Tools such as workforce enhancement and analytics, and employee engagement tools will be real game changers for any type of business, with the potential to build real strategic advantage.


You can view the video here:



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In part 1 Jeff talks about the impact of industry 4.0, or the 4th Industrial Revolution, in relation to digital transformation and the meteoric rise of a new breed of innovative tech businesses who are disrupting almost every sector.

Jeff briefly introduces what the HR ‘Team of the Future’ will look like. This includes outsourcing, automation of tasks, which allows for the team to embrace things like:

  • Organisational engineering/modelling
  • Retooling businesses
  • Help foster product innovation
  • Migration of thinking – collaboration/open source/sharing
  • Cultural understanding and shaping
  • Agile working