How to deliver digital transformation – using a collaborative, cross-functional approach.

Delivering digital change can be complex! No wonder businesses struggle to get projects over the line and achieve an ROI. Here’s the truth… the most successful Digital Transformations are those that use a structured and measured programme of change using a collaborative, cross-functional approach.

Join our webinar and learn:

  • The all-important context – today’s environment and what it means for a successful change approach.

  • DWG’s 9 critical success factors for Digital Transformation success, e.g. being customer-led or having central planning combined with the right creation/delivery process.

  • Why a cross-functional approach between teams and departments is so important.

  • Which ‘creation process’ to choose – ‘Waterfall’, ‘Agile’ or a ‘Hybrid’ method of delivery?

  • Advice on the best working practices, relationships and tools to implement to achieve this.

Meet your host, Andrew Salmon,
Senior Partner, Optimisation & Delivery

Webinar host: Andrew Salmon

“To deliver digital transformation usually involves big change: moving to new systems, processes and way of doing things. In the webinar I’m excited to share my experience of building the right structure, capabilities and culture for effective transformation.”

The DWG way:

  • Deep Digital Expertise

  • ‘Think + Do’ Approach

  • End-to-end: Strategy & Execution

  • Our proven methodologies

  • Supported by an extensive network

  • Enabled via our tribe culture

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Christian Aid Logo: make your digital transformation quicker and smoother
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