It is somewhat scary to think that one for the first uses of ‘big data’, through high powered analytical computing power, was its use in the prediction of the weather. Beyond a certain time line, because of Chaos Theory, it is widely regarded as virtually impossible to predict the weather due to the number of factors and variable strength of impacts those factors may have at any one point. Human behaviour is often referenced as the most complex of systems to predict, so in hand with our current ability to predict the weather, I am often sceptical of claims to precisely predict down to the individual’s next moves and preferences…but much more certain at the segment level due the samples ability to iron out individual impacts. All I know right now, as I roast in my home office, that I wish I knew what factor to push in the weather so I could be certain of a little more breeze…

Feeding the Stream
I was in an interesting conversation with one of our partners the other day about the two main camps sales people fall into are; Camp 1: it’s all about sales and they see little need for any marketing support; Camp 2: see the need for marketing to raise awareness and build the right ground to make the sales efforts easier. It is clear to me that if a business can afford it and it’s done well, it is certainly beneficial to have strong marketing support to enable your sales force to convert more and faster…making a real difference at all levels. So, if you buy into this, then I can strongly recommend a review of this excellent article

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Sophie Fraser