You’re growing. Are you ready to take the next step up?

One of the most common factors we see in our clients is that they are growing, often at a scarily rapid pace. Growing in turnover, customer numbers, market share, headcount… The nature of digital transformation is that things can move at crazy speed – market changes, technology changes, customer behaviour changes, competitor changes – and if you’re lucky enough to be exploiting these opportunities, then you may be hitting the same kind of growth spurt that we’ve seen.

You need to deliver lots of new stuff to keep up! You need new products! You need to improve customer service! You need to scale up your infrastructure! All of this can lead to a ‘project gridlock’ effect, where your delivery capabilities actually slow down when you need them to speed up! How do you respond to this? – at pace, and without affecting daily operations?

If you’re reading this, then chances are that your business:

  1. Has been successful enough to grow this far
  2. Is forward-thinking enough to know that there may be a better way of getting things done now

If your company is going through a growth spurt you’ll recognise the symptoms:

  • You’ve got more projects on the go than ever before
  • Your projects are more complex, more interdependent, more expensive and impact more people
  • You’re trying to do too much and some things just aren’t being delivered
  • You’ve just plain outgrown the old informal ways of getting things done

And all the while you still have to keep day-to-day operations running.

You are not alone

Pretty much all companies have hit this kind of growth spurt and the accompanying ‘project gridlock’ at one stage or another. They tend to respond in one of three ways:

  1. Some never really improved and didn’t make it onto the next level.
  2. Some struggled through it for years and slowly evolved to survive.
  3. Some spotted the need for change, got some help and got on with it.

Which group do you want to be in?

The real dilemma: by their nature companies experiencing rapid growth aren’t equipped with the expertise or the capacity to make the step change to cope with a more complex environment. Often the best way to improve quickly is to tap into specialist expertise from someone who has been through this experience and knows the ropes.

Sometimes you need a spot of external knowledge injected into the business, to accelerate your learning. With the right kind of targeted help you can pick up in a matter of weeks or a few months what it took some companies years to work out through trial and error – proven good practice that can help you to repeat your project successes and avoid project failures. And you can focus on running the business.

Here at Digital Works Consulting we’ve helped companies work through these growing pains. Get in touch if you think we could do the same for your company…

Sophie Fraser