Gianluca Bregoli

Internal Communications Expert
Strategy, Leadership & Innovation

Technical Skills
  • Communications Strategy

  • Marketing Communications

  • Brand Management

  • Cross-function workstream Management

  • Post-merger Marketing Integration

  • Campaign Development

  • Legal

  • Management Consulting

Gianluca Bregoli

Gianluca is a communications, marketing and business transformation expert in the Strategy, Leadership & Innovation practice, with over 15 years’ experience of helping businesses succeed during times of transformation by setting the direction of your journey, the vision and how you get there.

He has successfully supported programmes of transformation, including large-scale, cross-continent mergers and acquisitions for international and global organisations. He has managed major global and cross-function projects and led global workstreams.

Gianluca’s strength lies in grasping key business challenges and quickly applying the right communication, marketing strategies and plans to meet business goals, break down silos and connect different functional areas to see the ‘bigger picture’.

He understands the vital ‘human’ role in driving effective change – whether customers, employees or external stakeholders – and has delivered communications built on audiences’ needs, relevant messages and applying the right tools. Being multilingual, Gianluca is sensitive to the impact of local cultures and languages on global communications.

Key achievements include:

  • Created the change communications/CX communications toolkits for Tribe CX

  • Led the global writing guidelines and legal directories workstreams for the first three-way Dentons combination with 2500+ lawyers across 79 locations in 50+ countries

  • Increased brand consistency and alignment between local and global messages for Salans and Dentons

  • Project managed a brand refresh for Salans

  • Introduced the first internal communications newsletter at ISR

Here is a summary of the things Gianluca can help you with:

  • Develop effective marketing strategies & plans

  • Create internal, change & marketing communications

  • Deliver effective communications to get internal and external customer engagement

  • Evolve compelling brand promises

  • Build & manage a customer-centric brand

  • Communicate & embed a customer-centric culture

  • Content marketing & social media

  • Design customer-centric websites & employee-centric intranets

  • Campaign development & execution

  • Launch global projects

  • Cross-function workstream management

  • Post-merger marketing integration

  • Run induction & training programmes

Some of Gianluca’s clients & experience:

Gianluca is a thoroughly organised and talented marketer, with a curious mind – constantly seeking new approaches to increase marketing effectiveness and develop the brand. He is very reliable, has a good analytical approach and delivers significant initiatives well. He is an asset in any marketing organisation.

Giles Pugh, Global Chief Marketing Officer, Salans

Gianluca has a rare combination of skills. He is fundamentally a balanced person: continuously developing his academics skills (training and reading/researching) of branding and digital marketing while maintaining a hands-on practice in brand management and marketing communications. Seeing the big picture and strategic stake while managing projects with utmost attention to detail. Gianluca is driven, loyal and tenacious, which made him one of the most reliable and enjoyable colleagues I have worked with in recent years.

Marie Bernard, Director of Innovation, Dentons