Gianluca Bregoli

Marketing & Communication Expert
Strategy, Leadership & Innovation

Technical Skills
  • Project Manager
  • Marketing and Marketing TOM
  • Communications
  • Brand Management and Employer Branding
  • Cross-function Workstream Management
  • Post-Merger Integration

  • Campaign Development

  • Legal

  • Management Consulting

  • Pharmaceutical
Gianluca Bregoli

Gianluca is a communications, marketing and business transformation expert in the Strategy, Leadership & Innovation practice, with over 15 years’ experience of helping businesses succeed during times of transformation by setting the direction of your journey, the vision and how you get there.

He has successfully supported programmes of transformation, including large-scale, cross-continent mergers and acquisitions for global organisations, and the transition to marketing operating model. He has managed major global and cross-function projects and led global workstreams.

Gianluca’s strength lies in grasping key business challenges and quickly applying the right communication, marketing strategies and plans to meet business goals, break down silos and connect different functional areas to see the ‘bigger picture’.

He understands the vital ‘human’ role in driving effective change – whether customers, employees or external stakeholders – and has delivered customer-centric communications built on audiences’ needs, relevant messages and deployed through a mix of channels. Being multilingual, Gianluca is sensitive to the impact of local cultures and languages on global communications.

Key achievements include:

  • Marketing Transformation: Led ACG’s marketing transformation programme and target operating model design, aligning people, culture, processes and technology. Achieved marketing operations efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Marketing Technology: Run all phases of the implementation of marketing operations software “Simple” at ACG. Centralised and standardised marketing activities, decluttered workflows and automated processes, optimising reporting and visibility, resource management, workload and effort.
  • Post Merger Integration: Integrated various law firms to create Dentons, the largest law firm in the world with 7000+lawyers in 125 offices across 55 countries, managing complexity, tight deadlines and stakeholders worldwide. Led workstreams for the creation of marketing capabilities and a customer-centric brand.
  • Employee Experience: Delivered effective communications to get employees’ buy-in during change; developed solutions to create smooth employee experiences while improving organisational efficiency/effectiveness.

Here is a summary of the things Gianluca can help you with:

  • Design and transition to marketing target operating models – including systems and processes, marketing technology, people’s capabilities and organisation, new ways of working -, creating alignment between marketing vision and business vision
  • Manage post-merger marketing integrations

  • Improve marketing operations efficiency and effectiveness

  • Develop marketing strategies and plans

  • Develop customer-centric marketing capabilities
  • Design communications strategies and plans
  • Create message alignment
  • Communicate during post-merger integrations and transformation project implementations to get employees’ buy-in
  • Break down functional silos
  • Create smooth employee experiences, including employer brand campaigns for culture alignment

Some of Gianluca’s clients & experience:

Gianluca understands all the nuances of what’s required to change organisational behaviour and culture. He also has an excellent understanding of brand. Together this means that Gianluca is aware that it is not simply enough to create a “good” culture, but also a culture that represents the kind of organisation you are strategically trying to build. He is disciplined and organised, and has the empathy to bring people along on an often long and complicated journey.

Troy Wade, Head of Global Excellence, ACG

Gianluca’s wisdom and dedication was vital to turning a complicated EVP brief into a living, breathing reality. He dealt with our international stakeholders with vast reserves of patience and emotional intelligence.
As a colleague Gianluca has a knack for spotting the gaps in the work then getting it to where it needs to be. He made the end result so much better.

Simon Booth-Lucking, Senior Brand Strategist, Ph.Creative