Gaby Bradshaw, marketing and CRM consultant
Gaby BradshawConsultant, Marketing Services

Gaby Bradshaw is part of a multi-disciplinary team of strategy, execution and growth experts.

  • End-to-end or specific needs. Our team is structured to provide the exact skills you need
  • A ‘think + do’ approach. With expertise, methods, and networks to rapidly deliver tangible business benefits
  • A collaborative, pragmatic, and flexible culture. Sharing insights and expertise to bring the best to our clients

Gaby is a marketing and CRM consultant in Digital Works Group’s Optimisation & Delivery practice, committed to supporting clients transform their marketing, communications and CRM programmes.

She is a pioneering and versatile commercial marketing and CRM professional, who has been providing results-driven marketing communications, CRM and user/brand experience strategies, plans and solutions since the early 1990’s.

With proven experience in both private and public sector, B2B and B2C, SME’s to global corporations, Gaby has delivered multiple projects across diverse industries including retail, media and publishing, telecoms, education and leisure, hospitality and travel.

Gaby can assess and evaluate CRM, marketing and customer experience challenges and needs within a business, to develop and implement successful strategies that are timely, efficient and cost-effective.

Core areas of expertise:

  • Strategic & tactical planning
  • Budget planning & management
  • Brand development & rebranding
  • Product, service & proposition development & launch
  • Customer database, segmentation & profile development
  • Integrated multichannel, multimedia programme and campaign planning & implementation
  • Awareness, perception, acquisition, retention, lifetime value, loyalty & lifecycle management
  • Marketing, CRM & customer experience, system & process development programmes
  • Team management, development & reorganisation

Key achievements include:

  • Scoped, developed, delivered & managed a fully integrated multimedia marketing and CRM, planning, budgeting (£55m) and evaluation process, to improve ROI and increase customer lifetime value.
  • Scoped, developed, delivered & managed a multichannel, multimedia, integrated CRM & customer marketing retention solution (systems, processes, customer experience, user experience, and comms programme) based on customer value & profile segmentation.
  • Reviewed, redefined & reorganised (centralised) a fragmented marketing organisation, including the introduction of results & data driven marketing plans, rebranding & targeted campaigns.
  • Developed & implemented integrated digital & offline marketing & communications programmes and rebranding projects to increase awareness, generate leads and increase customer acquisition and customer lifetime value.

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