Trips abroad add up, and most travel operators expect all of the money up front.

Even if you can easily afford it, who wants to shell out the big bucks all in one go?

How about that last mobile upgrade you got? I’ll bet you barely noticed it even though it probably cost almost as much as a holiday!

New Fintech Solutions

But all is not lost. These days new fintech payment solutions have emerged onto the market, disrupting the usual way of doing things and offering us an alternative to get stuff paid for, like your mobile phone, and now your next trip…. booked, secured and at ‘early bird’ prices.

The blog link below from Skift highlights some alternative payment options now available for travellers:

5 Travel Startups Popularising Installment Payments for Vacations

There is one snag though….

None of these solutions are available in the UK.

Fly Now Pay Later

At Digital Works Group we love working with companies looking for better ways to do things using advances in digital technologies.

We are delighted to be working with one such company, Fly Now Pay Later,  a new finance provider bringing an immediate solution for travellers who would rather spread the cost of their travel.

Fly Now Pay Later

Trips abroad usually represent a large one-off dent in your finances, with many travel operators expecting all the money up front. This can be a major barrier to booking a holiday (especially if you have already maxed out your credit card).

Fly Now Pay Later offers a flexible and transparent payment alternative to the consumer.

Allowing the consumer to secure their plans early (often leading to savings), knowing exactly what the fees are (unlike other credit options the fee/interest is upfront and 100% transparent) and a choice of paying before or after travel. All delivered via a secure online platform.

From a travel operators perspective, Fly Now Pay Later provides the opportunity to increase conversion rates, provide incremental revenues and introduce an additional revenue stream into their business through a commission structure.

Agents and travellers, please get in touch if you want to know more:

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Jarrod Frye