Martech – the fusion of marketing and technology – is an intelligent response to a need to understand an increasingly complex, multifaceted digital landscape (web, email, social, mobile, ecommerce, IoT). This evolving technology is allowing businesses to make sense of data, innovate, connect and create seamless experiences for their customers across multiple channels and multiple customer journeys.

Martech is a rapidly shifting landscape. You only have to look at the ‘supergraphic’ compiled by and you can see the growing stack of vendors in this space – 1,876 charted across 43 sectors, but by no means exhaustive, up from 947 in 2014.



Martech creates massive opportunities for businesses to solve age old problems – making segmentation possible by reaching out to both new and existing customers and establishing an in-depth understanding of their journey and behaviours. Providing a personalised view of who they are, how much they cost to acquire and their specific needs; allowing you to make contact at the right time, in the right way, helping to solve their specific pain points, exceeding expectations and fostering loyalty.

On the flip side, because martech is evolving quickly, it can be confusing and hard to know what solution is right for your business. Furthermore, in a high growth and fragmented ecosystem, it is no surprise that most vendors are start-ups which have highly innovative solutions but need to build their reputation. To make the most of bourgeoning technology ideally you should start from a position of clarity – with an understanding of your goals, strategy and knowledge gaps, and how any marketing technology investment is going to help, not just now, but also in the future.

Digital Works Consulting and martech

At Digital Works we have been working in the martech space for some time; looking at things from both sides of the fence; helping vendors as well as brands looking to improve marketing processes within their organisation.

Here is some of the recent martech activity at Digital Works.


Through Bluetooth proximity marketing, Airspace allows brands to gain location intelligence, based on dynamic facts and analysis.

While surveys, CRM, sales and market research all provide past data, Airspace gives instant access to real-time analytics from a physical location, providing unique intelligence on context. This allows marketers to dynamically engage with their customers, online and offline, and deliver highly personalised marketing messages based on context. Monitoring in-location movement and frequency opens the door to benchmarking, resource efficiencies and being able to identify exactly where to provide enhanced services.

As well as the obvious loyalty and promotional activity there are a multitude of other applications; from providing extra information, special or calendar events, allowing social sharing, the creation of surveys, digital signage or alerting customers to new products. As well as a retail setting this technology is particularly well suited to attractions, public venues such a library’s or museums, showrooms and events.

DWC supported Airspace at a strategic level to firm up its proposition and identify target market segments, while at operations level, DWC managed RFPs and software development to get to a market fit MVP.

Cereal Partners Worldwide


Cereal Partners Worldwide (CPW) is a joint venture between Nestle and General Mills, selling some of the most recognised breakfast cereal brands worldwide.

Like many large-scale and mature business, CPW are acknowledging the importance of embracing ‘digital’ into the core of what they are doing in order to stay competitive. We were initially tasked with facilitating the improvement of the production processes underpinning CPW’s digital asset production. As a result of their insight from this work, DWC were quickly asked to produce a root-and branch review of the ‘Digital Readiness’ of CPW and a resulting digital transformation redress program to bring the business towards best practice.

This then led to further support in delivering a technology roadmap against proprietary solutions developed in-house and integration with major martech vendor tools, a strategic plan to ensure a long-term view, programme management and leading the operational implementation across regional and country divisions.



Based in Toronto, Infernotions is a consultancy based martech solution focused on cross-channel revenue attribution for marketers. It helps solve the issues businesses face in terms of generating a clear understanding of the impact and return on investment of digital marketing spend across each channel and device.

As competition grows and global advertising spend increases, ecommerce companies progressively have to increase the spend on campaigns in order to drive sales. Marketing processes are complex, time-intensive and often suboptimal, so it can be hard to see which channel is performing, how and when, and the true value of the investment as Infernotions CEO, Varun Madhok, explains;

“A typical situation is telling marketers how to grow sales by allocating funds to channels in proportion to the benefit they bring. In the whole omni-channel environment, the answer is not easy to come by. Just the other day I heard from a CTO that over 50% of his mobile purchases do not get recorded in Google Analytics because they happen through Paypal”

Infernotions is helping retailers and manufacturers by providing a single platform that clearly shows the true value of marketing spend, how and where to spend across all marketing channels.

For more information on Infernotions, please get in touch with Elise Korolev

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