Enterprise Roadmapping

Successfully control your development process while creating innovative digital products

Digital product development can be littered with unfamiliar challenges, particularly for established firms. The management and control of product development often mean that existing business systems will need to interact with the new digital product, so the best commercial and technical fit needs to be found.

Our Solution

Our Enterprise Roadmapping (eRM) service applies our proven method, delivered via a short series of facilitated workshops to:

  • Enable the planned progression from a good idea to a great product. The method is designed to resolve common problems associated with digital development
  • Account for factors often ignored by traditional planning approaches, building consensus and empowering agile and considered decisions as you progress
  • Build a multidimensional and consistent view of a development route on one page, with clear, but flexible development priorities
  • Apply a co-creative approach to keep everyone focussed and contributing objectively. We do this by building and documenting reasoned consensus to help with the trade-offs needed for critical business and technology choices
  • We deliver through the right skills mix and the deep expertise contained in our Product, Project & Technology team

1. Scope
2. Roadmapping workshops
3. Roadmap outputs
4. Programme formation

Our Proven Methodology Framework

1. Agree scope

The status of your digital programme or product will be confirmed. This discovery work is used along with an outline vision to determine the scope of the Enterprise Roadmap, the timing of workshops and the best range of attendees.

2. Roadmapping workshops

We run a short series of workshops with key internal and external stakeholders (you may have an agency development team or internal customers, for example). These are fully facilitated so you can focus on working with your team and contributing to the ideas in the room.

3. Roadmapping outputs

An initial roadmap is built live in the workshop to show an immediate result. We convert this to a soft-copy to show key aims, development priorities, architecture solutions and the relationships between each of these. A single page shows priorities for action, the reasoning why these are important and some of the key considerations to get right. More detail is available in heat-maps which show the strength of each priority.

4. Programme Formation

The route on the roadmap is reviewed to form essential components of a suitable delivery programme. This may cover the whole roadmap, focus on early stages or commit to a particular set of options. The roadmap helps with these choices and remains as a wider overview to help with programme governance and steering.

The benefits


A systematic approach, facilitated with certainty and expertise, reduces rounds of emails and other uncoordinated analysis that drives you in circles. This removes friction, building inclusive decisions and speeding things up!


Our expertise and flexible pricing provides great value and a mutually beneficial partnership.


Allows multiple stakeholders with strong opinions and differing interpretations of user or market research to build consensus. This method keeps everyone focussed and contributing objectively

Risk reduction

Better awareness determines the best commercial and technical fit. Realistic but not constraining

Our Typical Client

Our enterprise roadmapping service is aimed at enterprises looking to successfully control a development process, but not lose out on creating innovative digital products, and agencies looking to build consensus on a way forward with clients.

We have seen great success by using this approach with FMCG, retail, media and entertainment, and many others.

“The workshops mean we have an understanding of WHERE we want to go and HOW.”

Expert Insight

Paul Postance

Trading Optimisation &
Omnichannel Digital Expert

Andrew Salmon

Senior Partner,
Optimisation & Delivery

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