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Our powerful Enhanced Marketing Insight solution helps you gain knowledge to improve your commercial decision making, enhance customer experience, adapt faster, grow revenues and control costs.

Helping With These Challenges and Bringing These Benefits


  • Restricted movement means the world is rapidly moving online
  • Businesses must invest in digital insight solutions to recover and re-grow sales
  • Disruptive and agile competitors are using rich data sources to fuel better customer experiences and improve margin
  • Data sources are usually varied, complex and legacy infrastructures make it difficult to extract value


  • Clear data insights to identify digital marketing approaches to grow customer acquisition and sales
  • The propositions and messaging which benefit conversion and increase revenues
  • What mix of activities provide for greatest ROI
  • Targeted experiences for improved customer-experience, advocacy, and retention
  • Injects increased agility and reactivity
  • Improving all aspects of your commercial performance and your competitive ability

What We Do – Data Readiness

Our proven blueprint uses a combined Marketing Mix Model (MMM) and Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA) approach, to organise your data through a series of stages to the highest quality.


Data Audit & Preparation

Understanding your current data state, identifying weaknesses and highlighting opportunities for exploitation.

  • Data culture and governance audit

  • Data infrastructure audit


Data Strategy

Developing the right approach for your business – your needs, budget and objectives.

  • Vision and scope

  • Data capture and acquisition strategy

  • Tool and technology selection

  • Governance and stewardship


Data Development

Implementing the right data infrastructure – data storage, modelling and B.I..

  • Data acquisition and storage (data lakes, ODS etc.)

  • Data modelling and analytics

  • Deployment and production


Data Exploitation

Ready to exploit data to drive sales

For example:

  • ROMI

  • Predictive modelling

  • Advanced analytics & B.I.

  • Data products

Delivering You Multiple Commercial Advantages Through

  • Accurate and trusted intelligence.

  • Effective dash boarding and insight-led decision-making.

  • A ‘ready state’ to integrate advanced data tools, applications and modelling techniques.

  • Greater understanding throughout business of data processes and applications.

  • Common language and knowledge about data governance and best practice.

What We Do – Data Exploitation

Once the foundations are in place, we help you fully exploit this via our sophisticated ‘Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) engine’ approach.

ROMI Engine

Giving You

A 360 view of your
marketing activity

  • True insight on the impact of marketing spend and decisions to grow sales.

  • Allowing for better decision making to drive stronger ROI.

An ‘adaptive’
insight engine

  • True insight on the impact of marketing spend and decisions to grow sales.

  • Allowing you to quickly re-assign budgets and activities to ensure their effectiveness and ROI.

A fast knowledge
share solution

  • Providing all stakeholders impacted by marketing and sales activity – with a centralised, holistic and commercial view of spend and return.

We deliver our solution based on three core principles: We only do what is needed; it’s modular and adaptive to your organisation. We achieve benefits fast; delivering each module in a ‘planned agile manner’. We help control and de-risk using this broad 5 step process:

A ROMI framework for a leading multi-country, multi-brand Sports Betting and Gaming Group

Client challenge
  • Senior management lacked a comprehensive view of marketing spend and performance across the group.

  • Resulting in limited benchmarking and marketing investments that were sub-optimal.

  • We provided the strategic direction and leadership of the project – bringing together data developers, analysts and econometrics experts from across the client’s business and external partners.

  • A complex cross-market initiative saw the delivery of a central, comprehensive and highly predictive return on marketing investment framework.

  • Allowing the client to determine the effectiveness of marketing spend across all channels, regions and brands; to optimised budgets and performance ongoing.

  • Delivered within 3 months. Cost £350K

  • The project completely transformed how marketing spend is optimised across the organisation.

  • Improving transparency of marketing budget, spend and ROI – to enable improved budget decisioning across the whole group.

  • Driving circa €40mn of marketing efficiencies.


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DWG and Intuita are best-in-class consultancies who combine to quickly deliver solutions to clients commercial transformation and insight needs.

We are an expert data and insight consultancy. We have delivered best-in-class marketing data and insight solutions to leading businesses to improve their Return on marketing Investment (ROMI)

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