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Rapid help for portfolio businesses impacted by the current crisis.

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Your Needs

The current health and economic crisis is having a profound impact on all businesses:

  • Exposing those who haven’t enabled effective digital trading capabilities. Crunching revenues.

  • B2B sectors needing to quickly transition from a ‘personal selling’ approach to generate new business.

  • Organisations having to deal with huge growth in ‘remote servicing’ and needing to protect customer retention.

  • The set-up of effective ‘remote working’ and operation of an efficient virtualised organisation to reduce impacts on productivity.

  • Economic conditions requiring even more cost-effectiveness. Re-engineering processes and investing in automation.

  • And for those at the other of the impact scale, struggling to harness the exponential demand they are facing, they need to rapidly invest in adaptive and scalable technology platforms.

For Private Equity owners, with portfolio companies presenting any of these issues, there is an urgent need to ‘digitally turnaround’.  Solving immediate needs and building capabilities for the ‘new normal’.

Our Digital Turnaround Service

This service is aimed at Private Equity and Investment firms who require proven expertise to help their portfolio companies adapt to the ‘new normal’ fast. Our approach is modular, allowing you to choose only those modules you need to solve your portfolio companies’ immediate issues:


Direct Trading Capabilities to Grow Sales


Go-to-Market Transformation to Increase Revenue


Creating a Virtual Organisation to Improve Productivity


Process Re-Engineering & Automation to Reduce Costs


Technology, Process & Organisational Change to Allow Rapid Scaling

Each module is delivered using this rapid turnaround process:

Our sweet spot are businesses between £50mn- £750mn turnover in financial services, retail, telecoms, B2B and technology.

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DWG led the valuation of the iPrism Insurtech business for its Private Equity owners, in core areas of ‘customer experience’ and ‘technology’. Our insight and planning used to inform the decision to whether to invest in the turnaround of the organisation. With a positive decision to turnaround, the DWG team was engaged to assist the execution of that planning.

Other transformation examples for PE owners include:

Digital Turnaround in More Depth

1. Direct Trading Capabilities

  • The creation of new online trading solutions (web/ apps) or the optimisation of existing solutions to quickly generate higher levels of return.
  • Prioritising initial fast to deploy improvements, while ensuring longer-term aims of ‘contactless and frictionless’ experiences are not precluded.

2. Go-to-Market Transformation

  • Covering all priority elements to transform the B2B business from a personal direct sales approach to one where the GTM mix focuses a greater share on marketing activities to build revenue and ROI.
  • Delivering an effective remote, cost-effective approach to generate sales using best-practices from consumer marketing.

3. Creating a Virtual Organisation

  • Quickly enabling your business change to a ‘remote working’ and effective virtualised organisation.
  • Staff training, processes, technology , tools, and regulations are implemented against our proven blueprints.

4. Process Re-Engineering & Automation

  • From rapid business analysis, process re-engineering candidates in customer and employee facing environments are prioritised according to cost-reduction levels and investments.
  • Enabled from owned and new technologies.

5. Technology, Process & Organisational Change

  • Rapid analysis of technology, processes and organisational elements allow detailed plans and cost-effective solutions to be constructed and delivered to quickly address scaling requirements.
  • To take advantage of demand, improving customer experience and grow revenues.

The Benefits

Benefit Driven

Our turnaround approach is focused to deliver substantial benefits as soon as possible. Solving immediate pain-points, but ensuring longer-term needs are also addressed.

Speed @ Lower Risk

Our approach combines fast delivery but using approaches that are proven. ‘Blue-prints’ for each module ensure change is fast and smooth.


Is baked into the overall approach. As the modular approach means clients can simply chose only those elements important for a given portfolio company.

Deep Digital & Change Expertise

DWG is a market-leading business transformation firm. With in-team skills across multiple domains, business models, sectors, territories and cultural complexities. All boasting a ’major’ in digital.

Proven Experience

Our team are not career consultants, but people boasting at least 15 years of senior, real-world experience in solving paint-points and delivering real business value.

Market-leading Value

Our expertise and experience are combined with our innovative business model, to allow our clients to benefit from highly skilled people at market-leading rates.

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Practice leadership

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