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Our Digital Transformation service is designed to help businesses develop effective digital capabilities across the organisation to enhance performance and value.

We do this by developing an appropriate strategy, creating a roadmap to deliver the strategy, and supporting the business through a successful execution process via controlled delivery sprints.

Enabling business-wide change where value is quickly and incrementally delivered through the lifespan of the programme.

What We Do

Our proven methodology spans go-to-market, operations, technology and human capital functions. A comprehensive approach that identifies all areas where stronger digital capabilities can provide tangible business benefits:

& Strategy

  • Building a compelling digital vision and strategy to create enhanced business performance and value.

  • Including a laser-focused understanding of where digital has a role to play in key areas across the organisation.


  • Deploying effective digital marketing approaches to acquire and retain more customers. While improving ROI.

  • Developing value propositions, experiences, products and price structures to increase sales and margin.

Digital Trading

  • Optimising website and mobile assets to trade directly with customers.

  • Offering experiences that match customer needs and preferences, and which alleviate the challenges caused by restricted movement.

  • Improving conversion, sales and customer experience.

Customer Service

  • Using digital solutions in communications, AI and automation to improve customer experience, lower costs of operation, and help solve restrictions in human call centres.

  • Reducing customer churn and improving advocacy.


  • Transforming operational processes to be more efficient and robust.

  • Injecting automation to reduce OPEX.

  • Improving costs, agility and enhancing productivity.

& Data

  • Ensuring the business has the right technical platform for today and tomorrow.

  • Removing legacy limitations in the marketing, trading and supply chain platforms.

  • Building clarity in the data and insight environment.

  • Enabling stronger commercial success, lowering costs of operation, enhancing customer experience and developing strategic flexibility.


  • Developing the right approaches to create and deliver innovations and new products.

  • Through planned and agile working practices and stronger cross-functional working practices.

  • Enhancing agility and reactivity.

& Leadership

  • Shaping a progressive culture and structure, the right skills and working practices.

  • Educating leadership in digital and change, with ownership of the digital transformation programme.

  • Deploying/using the right digital tools to reinforce a digital culture and improve productivity.

How it is Delivered

We deliver the digital transformation programme based on three core principals; only do what is needed, achieve benefits quickly, and progress in a ‘planned and agile manner’. Through a 5-step process:

1. Initial Programme Governance & Delivery Plan

  • Governance is deployed to speed decision-making and enable programme control.

  • An initial programme framework is created for all stages of the transformation – planning, execution and iteration – to ensure timescales are clear, benefits are delivered, and the transformation occurs at pace.

DWG strategy experts support this stage

2. Company Insight & Gap Analysis

  • Company analysis to create a strategic fact-base across all core business functions, determining the areas current ‘digital maturity status’ and contribution to performance. Opportunities are identified where digital improvement can assist business goals.
  • Additional analysis also highlights the organisation’s capability to undertake change.

DWG strategy experts support this stage

3. Creation of Transformational Plan & Roadmap

  • The analysis informs the development of transformational vision, strategy and plan, with a laser-focused objective to improve business performance via digital and other means.
  • We work with the senior leadership team to develop the organisation’s vision and transformational strategy. With close working practices between the senior team and DWG.

  • Digital improvement opportunities and change capabilities are subjected to a cost-to-benefit, time to deliver, and strategic importance analysis, using proven change blueprints for core areas.

  • Identified opportunities are aggregated within a financial model, to inform on the level, benefits and ROI of the full transformational investment and any affordability adjustments needed. Opportunities are then prioritised.

  • A transformational roadmap is created, supported by the right KPIs.

DWG strategy experts support this stage

4. Integrated Delivery & Governance

  • The transformational roadmap guides the transformation. With planning and change controlled and measured centrally to ensure all elements happen at the right time, and clear reporting informs all stakeholders of progress and success.
  • Delivery is conducted through agile sprints, the use of cross-functional working practices and organisational empowerment to deliver benefits quickly—growing success and momentum.
  • All supported by clear and meaningful internal communications to reduce fears and enable buy-in across the full organisation.

DWG execution experts support this stage

5. Measured, Iterated, Controlled & Communicated

  • For all stages and streams, critical success KPIs are used to measure success and the need for iteration. Integrating adaptability into the approach to ensure agility to any changing conditions and business goals.

DWG execution experts support this stage

Previous Success: Allfunds Commercial & Proposition Transformation


“The DWG team was instrumental in developing a rapid transformation plan for the business, designing the strategy, closing critical gaps, and delivering monetisation opportunities which had a direct impact on the EBIT and the valuation multiple.”

Chief Product Officer, Allfunds.

Who Delivers – Meet Some of Our Digital Transformation Experts

DWG is the UK’s most experienced digital transformation consultancy. A team of 50+ senior digital change experts, internationally experienced, meet some of them:

Andrew Salmon
Andrew Salmon
Strategy Development
Josh Whiten
Josh Whiten
Marco Potesta
Marco Potesta
Digital Trading
Damon Harding
Damon Harding
Customer Service & Operational Processes
David Ball
David Ball
Simon Booth-Lucking
Simon Booth-Lucking
Delivery Processes
Will Barribal
Will Barribal
Organisation & Leadership
Rikard Svendsen
Rikard Svendsen
Customer Experience


DWG has compelling characteristics to deliver critical and successful digital improvements.


Proven Digital
Change Expertise

All of our 50+ team members have 15+ years of senior digital change experience. From real-world, market-leading client and agency delivery backgrounds. Supported by an extensive ecosystem of associates and industry leading technology solution partners.


A Think + Do

Our strategy team of domain experts help clients to think through the right approaches for their needs. While our optimisation and delivery team can assist with successful execution.



We are laser-focused on delivering business benefits. With a mantra of producing value and change through delivery.



Using tried and tested methodologies to de-risk and deliver better outcomes.


Delivered in the
Right Spirit

A team of committed, collaborative, innovative and trusted practical experts.



Using our innovative business model we are able to offer clients industry-leading value.

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