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Today, digital sites and other digital assets created and used for commerce, typically rank as one of the most valuable parts of any business. An importance only set to grow: not only because of the phenomenal rise of customers buying through online and mobile channels; but also because of the role these assets have in building influence through the modern buy-cycle or as an integral part of the overall Omni-channel environment. But very few companies have truly class-leading digital solutions that fully meet the needs of their customers, and in turn, the objectives of the business.

Our Digital Site Optimisation service is designed to fix this and fast. Through our deep digital expertise, we help you move your digital assets to a level that meets your business and competitive objectives, while helping you develop your organization to be able to maximize those assets yourselves into the long-term. All controlled and deployed using a systematic methodology:

All audits run to the 6 stage process below:

Our Typical Client

Our Digital Asset Optimisation service is typically aimed at any business, big or small, who is looking to optimise their existing digital sites and other digital assets. Whether they be transactional, subscription, or using other forms of monetisation.

We have seen specific success for with this solution for: ecommerce & retail, entertainment & media, financial services & fintech, gaming, and many others sectors.

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“With just a top-level project brief, DWG identified and prioritised the right problems to solve for, designed implementable solutions and managed virtual teams to deliver on time and to budget.”

Global Product Director, ebay

“I was really impressed with DWG whilst working with them on the Kalixa Pro project. They did a fantastic job of rallying the troops, against a sometimes very challenging backdrop, and simply getting stuff done.”

Head of Marketing, Kalixa Payments Group

Our Proven Methodology Framework


Laser clarity on the role and objectives of the asset. Our insight driven audit in relation to the digital site establishes the ‘delta from best practice’ in customer experience, monetisation, technical, commercial and other core criteria.


We then work hard to create a clear definition, from a customer, company and technical perspective. Enabling a holistic view of the site enhancements or new build development. This is always underpinned by a clear project plan, with optimised construction steps and phasing to protect user-experience, social media integration, SEO, monetisation, and any commercial third party considerations.

Build / Test

For significant site development, the construction of a prototype is built. To market test.

Full Build

The test provides clear insight, so measured changes in UX and other core factors can be undertaken. To meet the core needs of the asset, such as in awareness, conversion, support, advocacy and other success criteria.


On-going measurement against core success criteria is engendered into the organisation. Allowing agile and fast-paced adaptation for continued success.


Smoothly and effectively, when it becomes prudent for internal resources to pick-up full management.

This framework is flexibly structured to allow clients to select the breadth and depth of the insight required, to meet their budget and needs.

The Benefits

  • Top & Bottom Line: Our approach promotes a holistic view of the development, ensuring all parts are considered together and not in (un)splendid isolation. This results in the development being correct. So monetisation and customer experience is maximised. With core efficiencies, automation, and adaptability built-in. As well as ensuring innovation and future-proofed considerations are protected, limiting the risk of legacy. Ultimately benefiting the top and bottom-line of any organisation into the future
  • Continuous Competitiveness: Through the injection of a culture of clear measurement and adaption, we ensure the asset can continue to develop, enhance and fit changing market needs, giving a platform of continuous competitiveness
  • Pace: Engaging with clarity on the right activities, undertaken in the right order, by the right people…this adds control, removes rework, and adds pace
  • Great Value: We firmly believe that our expertise, combined our proven approach, and realistic pricing leads to a great value and mutually beneficial partnership

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