Digital and Transformation Mentorship

Executives are facing a complex and fast-moving business environment. Digital was once ‘owned’ by the IT team, but now every leader – from strategy, sales and marketing, product development, operations, financial and human capital – is expected to be an expert! Knowing how it can benefit their area or be successfully deployed.

The Solution

Using an ongoing, one-to-one relationship with a dedicated DWG digital expert, we provide knowledge and experience focused on your needs. Whether that is growing your broad ‘digital education’, providing advice on a specific business problem, helping you understand proven change techniques or simply keeping you updated on the latest digital trends. This relationship is there for as long as you need  – constructive, supportive, discreet and delivering ‘real-world’ help.

While the relationship is one-to-one with a DWG expert, they have access to the 1000+ years of digital experience in the broad 50+ team and our wide ecosystem of trusted solution providers.

Andrew Salmon
Managing Partner

andrew salmon

Areas We Can Help Mentor

Digital Works Group is a full-service consultancy and agency, with a 50+ team who have leading client and agency backgrounds. No one is a career consultant, which means our advice has been proven in the ‘real world’. And because of our depth of experience and scope of services, we can provide compelling mentorship in all these areas:

Building digital excellence
throughout the organisation

How to create a high-performing senior team with digital knowledge

Weaving digital correctly into your company strategy

Building a great end-to-end customer experience

Effective digital innovation approaches and techniques

Optimising digital marketing and technology

Online trading development and optimisation

Moving to a more agile and responsive creation process

Building digital into your technology and data platforms

Creating a high-performing technology and commercial organisation

Developing an exceptional customer service environment

Successful financial transformation

Flexible Engagement

While building a one-to-one relationship centred on trusted advice and guidance, flexibility is important, so you can work with our mentors as much (or as little) as you need. With engagements offered on this basis:


A set amount of time which can be used per month.

Mentorship by the Hour

Pay-as-you-need. Fully flexible to your needs.

Who We Have Helped

Providing ongoing mentorship on ‘digital’ to the CEO around digital strategy, customer experience, brand awareness, online marketing and investment.


One-to-one support for two senior marketing executives, identified as future senior leadership team members, developing their knowledge in digital marketing, ecommerce and online trading techniques.

Support for two ‘head of function’ executives within the billing and revenue assurance areas, helping them to develop operational process knowledge, digital solution insights, and stakeholder management techniques.


Development of high potential middle management team members on digital product development, online marketing and marketing technology; while assisting their soft skills in relation to team development, communication and senior team interaction.

Other Mentoring Clients

Meet Some of Our Mentors

DWG is the UK’s most experienced digital transformation consultancy. A team of 50+ senior digital change experts, internationally experienced, meet some of them:

Marco Potesta

Marco Potesta
Digital Innovation

Josh Whiten
Josh Whiten
Digital Marketing Approaches
Pilar Guerrero

Pilar Guerrero
Digital Marketing Data and Systems

Mark Chirnside
Mark Chirnside
Online Payment Process Strategy
Damon Harding
Damon Harding
Customer Service and Operational Processes
Marjory Carrero
Marjory Carrero
Financial Transformation


Compelling characteristics to deliver rapid and successful digital improvements


Proven Digital
Change Expertise

All of our 50+ team members have 15+ years of senior digital change experience. From real-world, market-leading client and agency delivery backgrounds. Supported by an extensive ecosystem of associates and industry leading technology solution partners.


A Think + Do

Our strategy team of domain experts help clients to think through the right approaches for their needs. While our optimisation and delivery team can assist with successful execution.



We are laser-focused on delivering business benefits. With a mantra of producing value and change through delivery.



Using tried and tested methodologies to de-risk and deliver better outcomes.


Delivered in the
Right Spirit

A team of committed, collaborative, innovative and trusted practical experts.



Using our innovative business model we are able to offer clients industry-leading value.

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