Digital and Transformation Education

Digital and transformation skills are vital for the entire organisation. Whether you are a senior leader tasked with understanding how digital fits into your strategy, or on the ground managing, delivering and implementing the best digital experiences, tools and systems – first class digital knowledge will give you the ‘edge’ to succeed.

The Solution

Helps organisations develop skills and knowledge in digital and transformation across all parts of the business. Offering in-depth education in digital strategy, online marketing, agile creation techniques and user experience. We provide clear, practical knowledge so individuals and teams can quickly deliver compelling business benefits.

With relevant education content designed to meet your organisation’s needs precisely, we can also flex our delivery approach to accommodate just a few people or expand to cover multiple teams and personnel.

We also support education providers looking to grow their offerings in digital and transformation.

Andrew Salmon
Managing Partner

Andrew Salmon

Subjects We Cover

Digital Works Group is a full-service consultancy and agency, with 50+ team members coming from leading client and agency backgrounds. We all have at least 15 years senior-level experience in digital and change and because none of us are career consultants, we can offer practical, real-world knowledge and insight. Our team members are highly experienced in delivering education in these four areas:

Effective Digital Strategy and Transformation

Online Marketing Approaches and Techniques – PPC, SEO, Social, Email Marketing, Marketing Data & Analytics

Agile Delivery Planning, Creation Methods and Tools

User Experience and User Interface Optimisation

How We Engage

Our delivery is based on two core principals:

  1. Provide only relevant content during the education process, so the knowledge transferred precisely meets your needs for maximum business benefit.
  2. Ensure our delivery approach is flexible to budget, desired attendee numbers and conditions (such as face-to-face or online). Meaning we create a bespoke pricing approach matched to your needs.

Who We Have Helped

Emeritus are a leading provider of digital transformation education internationally. Working with Ivy League professors to create compelling course content, they provide accreditations to executives who undertake their courses.

We are proud to say DWG has been supporting Emeritus in the delivery of these courses for over four years, helping to successfully educate numerous executives in digital strategy and transformation, online marketing and techniques, and marketing data and insight.

The DWG team members who deliver these courses are Dimitris Kourepis, Josh Whiten and Pilar Guerrero.

Flatiron School

The Flatiron School is a leading provider of digital product management and user experience education courses. Recognised through the UK and Europe, they provide accreditations to digital professionals who successfully pass their curriculum.

DWG has successfully supported Flatiron in the delivery of their user experience and user interface modules to numerous UK digital professionals.

Delivered by Goldmund Bryne.

Meet Some of Our Digital Educators

DWG is the UK’s most experienced digital transformation consultancy. A team of 50+ senior digital change experts, internationally experienced, meet some of them:

Josh Whiten
Josh Whiten
Digital Marketing Approaches
Pilar Guerrero
Pilar Guerrero
Digital Marketing Data and Analytics
Marco Potesta
Marco Potesta
Agile Methods and Tools
Goldmund Byrne
Goldmund Byrne
UX/UI Techniques and Approaches


Compelling characteristics to deliver rapid and successful digital improvements.


Proven Digital
Change Expertise

All of our 50+ team members have 15+ years of senior digital change experience. From real-world, market-leading client and agency delivery backgrounds. Supported by an extensive ecosystem of associates and industry leading technology solution partners.


A Think + Do

Our strategy team of domain experts help clients to think through the right approaches for their needs. While our optimisation and delivery team can assist with successful execution.



We are laser-focused on delivering business benefits. With a mantra of producing value and change through delivery.



Using tried and tested methodologies to de-risk and deliver better outcomes.


Delivered in the
Right Spirit

A team of committed, collaborative, innovative and trusted practical experts.



Using our innovative business model we are able to offer clients industry-leading value.

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