Many companies agree on a priority to use digital to maintain relevance and survive in exceptionally tough commercial conditions. But the question they are then left with is – how and where do we start?

Is it an I.T overhaul? Online marketing? Improving our customer experience? How should we use artificial intelligence? How can we create the right culture for change?

With this challenge comes a massive opportunity. The good news is you can take a proactive role in improving your own digital business education and re-skilling in order to meet growing demands.

Digital Works Group is here to help.

We are committed to creating resources to support businesses and individuals who want to improve their knowledge of digital and how to undertake successful business change using it.

This year we have launched a series of free, educational webinars aimed at providing you with straight-talking and proven advice on business transformation using digital. Each month we are running a live and interactive webinar with subject matter experts who have years of digital experience working with some top companies.

Here are details of the webinars as they happen, along with links to on-demand recordings of the webinars.

Our latest webinar:

Webinar #5: Ownership of Digital: How to prepare and empower your business for successful digital transformation Andrew Salmon will be shares his 20 + years of hands-on experience of owning digital transformation and keeping it on track.


On-demand webinars:

Webinar #1: Breaking Down Digital Transformation: What is meant by ‘digital transformation’ and why it’s happening now.


Webinar #2: Moving Your Business Up the Digital Evolution Curve: The digital evolution curve explained. How its use can help businesses looking to turnaround, transform or innovate.


Webinar #3: How to Make Your Digital Transformation Quicker and Smoother: A proven framework that brings clarity to a complex task along with the critical success factors needed.


Clear vision & strategy webinarWebinar #4:How to Create a Clear Digital Vision and Strategy: We share a proven methodology to use to create your digital vision and strategy. *If you can’t make that date, register and we will send you the on-demand recording


As always, we would love to know what help you are looking for, so please contact us with your comments or requests to: