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Get rapid, proven top-level recommendations on what, where, and how to digitally transform.

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Our Digital Audit Service

Our Digital Audit solution was developed to meet a strong and growing demand from our leading clients and others in the market:

  • A systematic digital audit process, that provides a clear understanding of how the business compares to digital best practice. Each audit covers 10 core areas of the business (using 50+ evaluation criteria), which together provides insight into how digitally optimised the business is
  • Giving top level recommendations on what, where, and how to digitally transform. Solutions to any identified delta, that can maximise your digital investments and bringing the competitive and top and bottom-line benefits that activity can provide

Our digital audit runs to the 5 stage process below:

strategy framework process

Our Typical Digital Audit Client

We offer three digital audit variants, each aligned to the needs of these company types:

  • Ecommerce pure-play or Omni-channel retailers
  • Digital subscription businesses
  • FMCG and others, investing heavily in digital marketing

Typically, this is a solution that mature business and agencies – who are on the journey to digitally transform to (re)gain the advantage – require, but we have also deployed this solution for High Growth Businesses as part of their drive to maturity and continued growth.

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“DWG quickly established where we needed to adapt. With clear and sensible recommendations, the digital audit has allowed our team to make significant progress in the market”

Director, Digital Marketing Solutions, Communisis

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“Now we know how our digital assets truly rate and what we need to do across the business to be competitive in this core area.”

Brent Escott, CEO CPP PLC

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“Great job. The message came across loud and clear, and now we have a clear roadmap to get to a solution.”

Director, Digital and Media, Cereal Partners Worldwide

The Benefits

  • Digital Clarity: Driven though comprehensive insight, compared to the breadth and depth of the best practice criteria; this brings total clarity of the current digital status, helping focus and prioritise recommendations for remedial activity to achieve digital success
  • Buy-in: Collaborating and communicating at every stage, we ensure senior stakeholders understand the outcome, the recommendations and its importance
  • Cost-controlled: Delivered through a proven digital audit framework, where time and cost are controlled by a stringent program management and proven approach

  • Follow-on: When the audit is done, we just don’t leave you with the insight and recommendations – unless you want us to. Every client can engage DWG to help the execution of any of the recommendations. Accessing our practices in Strategy & Leadership, Product, Project & Technology and Business Acceleration. Using our follow-on methodologies as needed, such as ‘Workshop Events’ or ‘Digital Site Optimisation’

Our Digital Audit Proven Methodology Framework


With full clarity on the primary objective(s) of the activity, we create a program plan, including RACI. Bringing clarity, pace and control to the overall approach.

Criteria Adaption

Our deep expertise of digital, combined with learnings from undertaking the methodology many times, has allowed us to template the best practice measurement scale for each area. However, we always adapt as needed to the specific client environment.


Through appropriate insight-gathering approaches, typically through structured interviews, we gain understanding within and between all the business areas.


By applying the insight to the breadth and depth of criteria, we get a clear picture of where strengths lay and improvements are necessary.


Allowing us to make clear recommendations for priority enhancements, across all the areas being evaluated. Assisting with stakeholder management and recommendation presentations.


As a follow-on to the digital audit, using in-house resources or (optionally) DWG capabilities as needed.

This digital audit framework is flexibly structured to allow clients to select the breadth and depth of the insight required, to meet their budget and needs.

Practice Leadership

Richard Morecroft
Richard MorecroftSenior Partner, Strategy, Leadership & Innovation
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