Enabling Successful Outcomes: Delivery-as-a-Service

Great ideas rarely make it to reality without great execution. DWG can support the successful delivery of critical projects. Helping you by navigating the complex interplay of people, processes and technology; quickly picking up projects at any stage of the lifecycle and scale.

Our Service

Our Delivery-as-a-Service solution allows you to tap into a highly experienced group of exceptional programme and project managers when you need it—an outsourced project delivery capability, covering your needs around technology, business and digital change.

Relevant if you are engaging on a greenfield project, picking up a delivery gone wrong, or need additional capabilities to accelerate implementations for you or your clients.

You’ll be in good hands; all our consultants have multi-sector experience and are well versed in delivering change using agile, waterfall or anything in-between. Selecting the best methodology to solve the problem at hand or using the existing methods you have in place.

We seamlessly augment existing teams, deliver standalone work packages or provide an end-to-end outsourced capability. Freeing your team to focus on what they do best.

Leonard Vitarana
Partner, Project Management

Leonard Vitarana

Areas We Add Value

Digital Works Group has over sixty team members coming from leading client and agency backgrounds, augmented by a proven and significant ecosystem of partner businesses. Our team are not career consultants, but have come from industry, delivering projects in the ‘real world’.

Our Delivery-as-a-Service model provides the capability, tools and education to deliver benefits fast, while providing a consistent, repeatable and scalable experience. We can provide support for all these needs:

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Helping you deliver mission-critical programmes and projects.

Previous Delivery-as-a-Service success

A leading software development company,
operating globally at scale

  • A newly formed directorate had built an ambitious customer retention strategy but required the support of the broader group that has been historically focused on acquisition.

  • Programme delivery processes were immature. Many good concepts were being ideated but not firmed up into plans to execute. A number of initiatives were in flight but unstructured.

  • We established the desired outcomes, detail of the strategy and the underpinning strategic pillars.

  • Existing and potential initiatives were audited. These were grouped into projects and programmes, then logically mapped back to the strategy, creating a portfolio view.

  • Milestones, dependencies, plans, benefits, required resources and risks were identified and collated into detailed charters to be shared with the Executive Committee.

  • Once approved, portfolio governance was established and aligned with central processes to enable transparent tracking.

  • The exec approved the portfolio and integrated it into the broader group strategy.

  • Investment was made available, resources were recruited, and work programmes mobilised.

  • The strategy and portfolio were communicated company-wide, ensuring visibility and prioritisation alignment.

    Read the Case Study for more detail.

A UK educational clothing designer, manufacturer and retailer

  • A business acquired by the Group had an out of date website with no eCommerce capabilities.

  • Up-sell opportunities were missed and synergies were not realised.

  • Difficult relationship with technical 3rd party.

  • The business was moved onto a website with a Magento CRM platform to plug capability gaps.

  • Project Management processes were set up to coordinate internal and 3rd party resources, risks, issues and management reporting up to the c-suite.

  • Project Management processes were set up to coordinate internal and 3rd party resources, risks, issues and management reporting up to the c-suite.

  • Ways of working were optimised to ensure open, clear communication with suppliers continued with ongoing support.

  • Pilot release of the website ready for a full launch later that year.

  • Increased Average Cart Value from £70 to £90 following implementation.

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