Is your website unknowingly breaching data protection laws?

Find out easily and in confidence with a complimentary Data Safety Index™ report.

Compliant and DWG in partnership

in partnership


You may unwittingly be allowing third party companies to use the customer data you are collecting via your website. Cookie synching or ‘piggybacking’ could put your business at significant risk for failing to comply with data protection law.

We’ve teamed up with data experts, Compliant to provide a service that checks what’s happening with the data you collect on your website and then measures the risk your exposed to. If you submit your URL you can get your Data Safety Index™ Report within 5 working days.

  • Quickly see at a glance if your website complies with data protection and privacy law

  • Get your Data Safety Index™ score (your website will be rated with a risk level of 0-5)

  • See a clear route to ensuring compliance on the Data Flow Graph™

Your DATA SAFETY INDEX™ report will immediately highlight if your data is at high risk of non-compliance and therefore susceptible to fines. You also get to see the flow of data beyond your website.

Here’s an example of a non-compliant website:

Data Safety Index example report

Who is this for?

This is for businesses of any nature committed to safeguarding and protecting their customer’s privacy, complying with data privacy laws (GDPR and global) and avoiding being exposed to financial and reputational risks.

Don’t delay, get peace of mind now, or see if you need to take action to reduce your risk. Provide your website URL now to get your complimentary and confidential report within 5 working days.