Customer Service Transformation

Customer service transformation is now a crucial point of differentiation. But, with the proliferation of customer touchpoints and the complexities of digital, achieving it is challenging. Those who deliver compelling multi-channel experiences and solve customer issues quickly and efficiently reap the benefits – enjoying stronger brand loyalty, retention and advocacy.

Our solution

We help organisations develop and deliver a holistic approach to their customer experience management.

We do this by balancing ambition, capability, costs and outcomes. Evolving a roadmap that includes tools and technology, capability development, communications, and revenue generation opportunities.

All underpinned by data and insight. Ensuring a robust set of metrics to benchmark performance, monitor change, and optimise service levels on a journey-by-journey basis.

Solving these challenges

  • A lack of customer service vision and strategy to define the future direction of service. Especially the definition of the omnichannel approach.

  • Unclear business cases that delay funding to support customer service improvements initiatives.
  • Limited clarity for customer service development due to missing roadmaps and planning.
  • Difficult channel migration for digital and assisted digital.
  • Slow and fragmented customer service platform selection and challenges in implementation.
  • Understanding what’s available and what can be done in terms of new service tool introduction and scaling, i.e. chat/chatbots.
  • Operational performance optimisation, change performance management.
  • CRM and customer communications strategy implementation and optimisation.
  • Sales through service strategy & implementation.
  • Loyalty products and loyalty marketing.
  • Customer service people strategy.
  • Digital training and mentorship.

Bringing these benefits

  • A clear and effective customer service vision and strategy to orientate plans and people around.
  • Benefits, cost and risk analysis to support investment funding and decision making.
  • Clear and achievable roadmaps to monitor progress and keep on track with benefits realisation.

  • Faster and more responsive delivery and innovation.
  • Cost efficiency gains from migrating from voice to more cost-effective channels.
  • Smoother platform migrations that don’t impact business availability.
  • Stronger digital capabilities.
  • Improved customer satisfaction through omnichannel execution.
  • Reduced churn, improved Customer Lifetime Value, Net Promoter Score and reduced operational cost.
  • Improved employee engagement and productivity.

What we do

Our proven methodology spans all areas of (digital) Customer Service Transformation. Offering a comprehensive blueprint that identifies where improvements can be made and the interdependencies between them. Setting the scope of the transformation approach that is prioritised and road-mapped through the delivery process.

Customer Service Strategy
  • Producing the right customer service strategy to enhance business performance and value.

  • Service offers the ability to reduce operational costs, develop brand loyalty and advocacy through customer satisfaction. Driving long term benefits through loyalty and increasing customer lifetime value.

  • The strategic approach will balance these commercial drivers to meet the organisation’s long term goals.

Capability Enhancement
  • Identifying the best way to achieve customer service improvement. Such as creating new digital transactions so customers can self serve, creating new service channels like mobile apps or applying artificial intelligence capabilities.

  • Our problem identification and solution determination approach identify the right capability augmentation to deliver expected outcomes.

Contact Channels and Metrics
  • Establishment of effective metrics to manage and optimise the ongoing customer experience.

  • Ensure that metrics are effectively baselined and structured to monitor change and performance in customer satisfaction over time. Across all contact types and channels (voice, chat, email, social), to build the right service mix.

  • Leveraging personalisation and artificial intelligence to create deeper performance improvements.

Customer Journey Mapping
  • Effective customer journey mapping will identify the pain points driving customer experience issues.

  • Mapping identifies opportunities for revenue generation and where and how to establish loyalty.

  • A process that includes the emotional heartbeat of the customer, customer communications and activities to synchronise all touchpoints.

Communication & Knowledge Management
  • Customer communications can suffer from long term degradation as organisations add to and adapt customer communications over time.

  • Confusing, disjointed communications drives customer contacts. We review communication plans, CRM tools, processes and governance to re-established to re-set customer communication.

  • Knowledge management ensures the flow of information across the service organisation is fit for its purpose.

Chat & Assisted Service
  • Webchat enables customer contacts to be responded to more efficiently.

  • We help you evolve webchat into next-generation chatbots by leveraging artificial intelligence to drive further economies of scale. Determining the right time and purpose for artificial intelligence within the service mix.

  • So you can scale webchat, drive cost efficiencies, and unlock the long term performance of this channel.

Systems, Platforms & Software
  • Core systems, platforms and software are the backbones of customer experience.

  • We help you select and integrate the right toolset to meet your customer and business needs.

  • To collect, organise, respond to, and report on customer support requests faster and more efficiently. Providing a personalised experience, enabling productivity and knowledge through a single customer view.

Development & Operations
  • Helping to produce an optimised mix of highly skilled in-house engineers and outsourced development capabilities. Allowing core personnel to own, control and understand critical systems and platforms.

  • Our process modelling can streamline operations, reduce bottlenecks and inefficiencies.

  • Effective data management and security protect data integrity, reducing redundancy and ensuring compliance is met. Our approach audits and identifies improvement.

Leadership & Organisation
  • Evolving customer contact centres into digital service teams can feel like a significant shift in knowledge and capability.

  • DWG provides digital training and mentorship to help bridge the gap into digital service.

  • This can be supplemented with organisational design and internal change management if required.

How it’s delivered

We deliver the transformation programme based on four core principles; comprehensively evaluate all dependencies, but only do what is needed, achieve benefits quickly, and progress in a planned and agile manner. Delivered through 5 stages:

1. Initial Programme Governance & Delivery Framework

Governance is deployed to speed decision making and enable programme control.

An initial programme framework is created for all stages of the transformation – planning, execution and iteration – to ensure timescales are clear, benefits are delivered, and the transformation occurs at pace.

DWG strategy experts support this stage

2. Insight & Gap Analysis

Analysis of the customer service function and adjacent areas is conducted to create a fact-base across all areas of the proven blueprint. Highlighting current status and through appropriate measurement, identifying candidates where change can assist the business goals.

Additional analysis also highlights the organisation’s capability to undertake change.

DWG strategy experts support this stage.

3. Transformational Plan & Roadmap

From the analysis, the transformational strategy and planning occur, with a laser-focused objective to invest in changes that will improve business performance.

Work is conducted with the customer service senior leadership team, commercial functions and DWG experts to develop the transformational strategy.

Identified improvements and change capabilities are subjected to a cost-to-benefit, time to deliver, and strategic importance review. Informing on the level, benefits and ROI of the full transformational investment and facilitating adjustments from an overall affordability perspective. Prioritisation then occurs.

Outputting the transformational roadmap. Supported by critical success KPIs.

DWG strategy experts support this stage.

4. Integrated Delivery & Governance

The transformational roadmap guides the transformation. With ‘planning and change’ controlled and measured centrally to ensure all elements of the plan happen at the right time and clear reporting informs all stakeholders of progress and success.

While central planning controls the overall programme, delivery happens via agile sprints, cross-functional working practices, and organisational empowerment to deliver benefits quickly. Growing success and momentum.

All supported by clear and meaningful internal communications to reduce fears and enable buy-in across the full organisation.

DWG delivery experts support this stage.

5. Measured, Iterated, Controlled & Communicated

For all stages and streams, critical success KPIs are used to measure success and the need for iteration. Baking adaptability into the approach to ensure agility to any changing conditions and business goals.

DWG execution experts can support this stage.

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