Customer Loyalty

Businesses need to generate a high level of customer loyalty and engagement via a compelling and optimised loyalty strategy. Reducing churn while also providing enhanced opportunities for up-and-cross-sell to significantly benefit your top line.

Our solution

Our service helps you create a new and compelling Customer Loyalty solution or optimise your current approach.

We share our learning and experience of ‘what works’ in practice across multiple industries. Focusing on the nature and drivers of your customers’ loyalty versus your current reality and vision. Exploring the answers to questions such as:

  • What are your current loyalty figures and how do these compare to high performing companies in similar industries?
  • What customer behaviours are you seeking and are your customers emotionally loyal?
  • How do these compare to the behaviours currently being exhibited?
  • Where on the Maritz Momentum 4-D Loyalty Framework would you position your current relationship with your customers?

  • How do you define loyalty and do your customers do so in the same way?
  • Is there a differential between your customer acquisition and customer retention strategy (e.g. price, proposition etc.)?
  • What is the commercial/value differential of your most loyal customers?
  • What are the current pain points with the loyalty/retention journey?

Allowing us to create a clear view on your current customer loyalty performance and offering, insight on what you need to do differently to drive desired customer behaviours and generate emotional loyalty, while selecting the very best channels to deliver this for maximum business benefit.

Solving these challenges

  • Diametrically opposed views between your business and your customer of how loyalty is and should be recognised and rewarded.
  • Imbalance between customers’ perception of value versus the efforts of your business to offer value.

  • A reactive customer retention strategy with high cost to serve (due to channels required) that erodes the commercial value.
  • Functional/transactional customer loyalty approaches, with low engagement levels, which don’t resonate with your customer’s needs.

Bringing these benefits

  • An aligned and recognised view on the factors of customer loyalty and manner in which they should be rewarded.
  • Commercially beneficial rewards provided by your business to your customers that match their perception of value.
  • A Proactive in-life retention strategy driven by customer data and insight which utilises low-cost channels to serve your customers.
  • A successful transition from an inert or functionally loyal approach to an emotionally loyal and engaged customer base.

What we do

We use a comprehensive, proven blueprint. Reviewing and defining the critical areas that contribute to success. Achieving an emotional loyal customer base in the right customer segments and delivering in commercially beneficial way for your business. We do this by focusing, as needed, on all these critical business areas:

Reporting & Management Insights

A critical element of any customer loyalty strategy is understanding where your customers currently reside on the 4-D loyalty quadrant and how they are behaving today.

This is initially achieved via a thorough review of your existing reporting and, where it does not exist yet, supporting you pull the required insights together to understand both the current state and best way forward.

Customer Management & Risk

An understanding of your customers in terms of their commercial benefit to your business and the associated cost and risk is a hugely important factor for any loyalty programme. Here, customer segmentation and behaviours become critical to understanding the ideal investment strategy to deliver the most effective customer loyalty and retention.

Working to generate and agreed on commercial approach to managing and boosting the loyalty of your customer base.

Customer Loyalty Experience

All customers now expect recognition of their loyalty to your business based on all interactions with you and appropriate rewards promptly. Additionally, the most successful loyalty programmes deliver an engaging customer experience at an emotional (as opposed to transactional) level.

A review of your current experience and steps to deliver engaging and emotional loyalty is key to success.

Proposition & Pricing Innovation

Insights into new and existing customers can provide valuable direction to generate loyalty-driving propositions including, but not limited to, pricing structures.

The use of your existing data and gathering customer loyalty insights across categories allows us to work with you to map out an engaging loyalty proposition that resonates with your customer’s needs and expectations on how loyalty is recognised and rewarded.

Go-to-Market & Communications

Alongside customer experience, the communication of the approach is critical to the execution of a successful loyalty strategy. Personalisation of your customer comms, ideally aligned with your data strategy, is the desired outcome.

Here, we work with you to support the delivery of the right communications and messaging to both your existing customers and those who may have lapsed.

People & Culture

Your people and culture are both critical to the success of executing your customer loyalty strategy. Whilst this may seem like an obvious statement, there are several businesses today focused on acquisition at all costs which ultimately leads to a customer pain point and commercial impact at the point of product renewal.

A thorough review of your commercial and customer culture is carried out and recommendations for change are put forward where required to ensure customer loyalty is front of mind within your organisation.

Data & Security Platform

At the heart of a successful loyalty strategy is the data and platform that powers it.

Ensuring your business has the capability to both capture and exploit the correct customer data required to drive your loyalty programmes is the focus of this stage.

Operational Processes & AI

Still, at an early stage in the loyalty space, AI will increasingly become an important piece of the puzzle. Analysing customer behaviour in real-time to predict their loyalty and retention behaviours and then react to it with a personalised loyalty offer is the north star of many loyalty strategies.

Whilst dependent on adequate data and platform, recommendations can be made on how to integrate AI into your loyalty programme.

Tools & Products

Combining all of the elements, perhaps most notably customer experience is the delivery or optimisation of the tools used to deliver your loyalty programme to your customer base.

This can take the form of an app, CRM-based programme or another tool most relevant to your industry.

The outcome we strive towards with you is a tool or product most aligned to your most loyal customers’ needs and behaviours.

A thorough review of your commercial and customer culture is carried out and recommendations for change are put forward where required to ensure customer loyalty is front of mind within your organisation.

How it’s delivered

We deliver the Customer Loyalty strategy process in five stages, underpinned by external market insight and benchmarking along with an assessment of your customer base. Bringing this all together, we will then define the future state of your customer loyalty programme, both to achieve benefits quickly and scalable for the long term.

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