Improving End-to-End Customer Experience

Create the right multi-device, multi-channel customer experience that your customers need.

customer experience-led strategy

Our Solution

Being customer experience-led is critical to any company’s commercial success. Digitally savvy customers are more demanding and empowered – with information at their finger-tips and vast channels to share poor experiences rapidly, widely and critically. Customers want consistent multi-device ‘end-to-end’ experiences, relevant through all touch-points, delivered quickly and highly personalised.

Our team are experts at helping you to define the right customer experience-led strategy, controlling the change to deliver stronger propositions and solutions. Ensuring you reap the commercial benefits fast.

Rikard Svendsen
Partner, Customer Experience Transformation

Our Methodology Framework

1. Plan

To engender control of what can be a complex initiative, an end-to-end project plan is produced, structured to the methodology, with activities allocated under a clear RACI. All the way through, working with your team to develop understanding and buy-in.

2. Insight & Analysis

The largest section of our work involves an end-to-end audit on the current customer experience – Flows | Proposition | Pricing – combined with research on current and future customer needs, competitive propositions, and business model needs. By combining these insights, with answers that you give to critical strategic questions, we begin to define strategic best practice.

3. Solution Development & Prioritisation

Using the audit of today’s experience, compared to strategic best practice, an end-to-end gap analysis is created. This is then prioritised using strategic, customer, company (business model) and competitive dimensions to generate a prioritised roadmap of activity to produce customer and business benefits fast.

4. Communicate (and Handover)

The whole process is supported by clear communications on progress and the end solutions, ensuring effective ownership in the delivery team.

This framework can be flexibly structured to allow you to select the depth of the stages to meet your needs and budget.

The benefits

Expertise Driven

All our consultants have at least fifteen years senior level experience of producing successful digitally-led customer experience transformation. Skilled at identifying the right changes and getting buy-in through the process.

Business Framework Changes

In addition to the main delivery, we can analyse your existing business to identify the changes needed in the organisation to speed up benefits and ensure ongoing customer-experience led change happens into the long-term.

Supported with Execution Skills

If needed, our team are on hand to help you execute the plan with skills and knowledge in all areas on a flexible/interim basis.

Customer and Business Benefit

Our approach ensures both customer and business benefit quickly, with prioritised improvements aligned to your customer’s needs and your business model; while facilitating your long-term strategic positioning.

Controlled and De-risked

Delivery is made through a proven framework, where time and cost are controlled by a stringent program management approach.

Our Typical Client

Our Customer Experience solution is suitable for any business looking to enhance their customer experience and generate business benefit.

We have seen specific success in subscription and transactional businesses in telecommunications, media, technology, financial services, retail and FMCG sectors.


“…Working with DWG was a great experience. Simply by getting stuck in, identifying the challenges and how to resolve, we now have a clear plan for the way forward.”

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Supported by these delivery methodologies

Expert Insight

Enrique Fernandez-Pino

Senior Partner,
Optimisation & Delivery

Andrew Salmon

Managing Partner

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