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“…Great job. The message came across loud and clear, and now we have a clear roadmap to get to a solution..”

Director, Digital & Media, CPW

Digital Audit

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Cereal Partners Worldwide (CPW) is a leading FMCG company, a jointventure between Nestle and General Mills, selling some of the most recognised food brands throughout the world.

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Their challenge

Initially tasked with facilitating the improvement of the production processes underpinning CPW’s digital asset production (pace and quality); DWG were quickly asked, as a result of their insight from this work, to produce a root-and-branch review of the Digital Audit and Readiness of CPW and a resulting digital transformation redress program to bring the business towards best practice.

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Our approach

Applying its successful ‘Digital Audit’ methodology, DWG was able to produce:

  • A clear picture of CPW’s end-to-end digital capabilities, as compared to digital best practice
  • Ten core areas were mapped: strategy and vision, proposition, go-to-market, technical platform, organisation and more
  • DWG then worked with the senior team to formulate budget and take into account opportunity cost factors
  • A full redress program was created – suitable for the market, but also feasible and acceptable to the CPW senior team
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A clear digital transformation redress program was created, which:

  • Solving initial pain-points
  • An end-to-end framework of controllable activity, currently being used to underpin some of the fundamental budget decisions of 2015-16

The FMCG Digital Audit has provided a workable and controlled roadmap for these changes and improvements.


“Now we know how our digital assets truly rate and what we need to do across the business to be competitive in this core area.”

Director, Digital & Media, CPW

Services: Digital Audit

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Delivery Team: Strategy, Leadership & Innovation

Richard Morecroft

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