We talk with multiple companies and are always amazed when we come across those who question whether digital adoption is fundamentally a good idea.

In fact, because the evidence is so compelling, we have come to the conclusion that what they really mean is whether Digital is good for them.

Truthfully, that is not quite as simple to answer – especially for those who are part of a big, quoted organisation. In these environments, any transformation is going to need a lot of hard work and investment; work to adapt products, propositions, systems, platforms, organisation structure, culture and more. And in such situations, where digital change is affecting multiple points in complex businesses, this can be hard to stomach.

So sometimes, the easier route is to go into denial. From CEO’s downwards. So while no one can seriously doubt the benefit of whole heartedly adopting digital in the long-term, this stance resolves around the pain of actually getting there. And this really is the nub of it.

So when we are faced with this, our response is actually quite simple: what ultimately happens if you don’t?

This can take moments or even weeks to sink in, but when it does there is usually an eye opening moment. And because we are not heartless, we then move quickly to apply any balm necessary…talking about proven methods and expertise that can elegantly manage this change from thought to execution, reducing the risk and the pain. Allowing them to keep their train running, while getting the wheels, engine, and carriages changed.

DWC is a specialist digital consultancy. We help larger businesses digitally transform and smaller high growth businesses mature. We do this via a mixture of:

• Proven methodologies for digital, end-to-end expertise through ‘think’, ‘execute’ and ‘grow’
• Deep digital expertise, great networks and connections
• A culture set up to support digital

Providing our clients with benefits, such as a joined-up customer experience, innovation methods that work, and much more. If we can help you solve a digital business problem, we’d be delighted to talk.

Andrew ‘Sid’ Salmon
Director  |  High Growth Digital
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Andrew Salmon