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Whether you need to deliver exceptional services, unlock significant cost savings through efficiencies, boost revenues via data-led innovations, or enhance productivity via new agile approaches – our experienced team can help you deliver your digital transformation agenda!

Meet Our Central Government Team

Our central government team has broad experience in helping central teams with their unique challenges – especially in getting the most from rich data environments.

Our expertise in strategy, technology & data, programme & agile delivery, and service & process redesign, can help you solve problems and open up new opportunities:

  • Upskilling teams to keep pace with the latest digital technologies and approaches. Growing your digital leadership capabilities.
  • Deliver compelling digitally-led services in the face of budget reductions. Turning around falling customer satisfaction scores.
  • Enabling data-rich environments to drive additional benefits in cost reduction and revenue growth.
  • Imbed agile practices to relieve pressure on service delivery and enhance productivity.
  • Transformation change fatigue and help teams to become more responsive and agile.
  • Produce compelling communications externally and internally.
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How We Can Help You

From Strategy & Planning:

  • To help understand the ‘art of the possible’ through digital and data. Allowing, you to weave these into your digital vision.
  • Get full clarity on and prioritise the problems you need to solve. Producing a compelling and feasible plan.
  • Technology and data planning to reduce costs and create ‘the enabler’ for the next generation of services.

  • Create compelling business cases, with full benefits of realisation and tracking.
  • Undertake operational redesign to generate improvement and efficiencies through digital.

To Delivery & Change:

  • New commercial services development and innovation to provide Citizen and Governmental benefits.
  • Service redesign and delivery optimisation. Ensuring services work well and deliver on needs.
  • Orchestrating new ways of operating so data-rich environments are unlocked and maintained.

  • The injection of highly skilled and experienced teams to turn around mission-critical projects and programmes at pace.
  • Deliver new agile ways of working into existing teams to enhance their effectiveness, productivity and morale.

Previous Success

Westminster Council

Westminster City Council
Contact Strategy Operating Model Design

Contact Strategy Operating Model Design
  • A combination of internal services and multiple 3rd party providers were providing customer contact solutions across various channels.

  • Contributing to increased service running costs, staff inefficiencies and many inconsistencies across the services.

  • Impacting customer channel access, multiple confusing entry points and staff being unable to track case activity.

  • Any available performance analysis was disparate, resulting in poor customer experience, reflected in falling and inadequate satisfaction scores.

By working in partnership with service representatives, multiple workshops and interviews, a ‘current state’ map was outlined of all services and their customer contact touch points. This included:

  • A full data clean and analysis of the multi-channel contact landscape, by internal and outsourced providers and across directorates and services.

  • Analysis of failure demand and waste generated by manual contacts, repeat contacts and call propensity, and avoidable contact.

  • Development of scenario modelling tools to analyse the financial and staffing impact of potential contact redesign and reduction/deflection options, by way of different technology implementations and supplier/internal mix of customer contact service provision.

  • Business cases were developed and approved, with prototyping and pilot work delivered to support solutions implementation including, IVR, chatbots, email management systems and knowledge base.

  • A commercial evaluation exercise was provided to support new supplier tenders.

  • An evidence-based approach to benefits realisation and tracking was a critical part of the business case development, with more than £20m of savings over five years.

Large Central Government Dept
Enterprise Data Strategy

London Bridge
As one of the largest central government departments undertaking perhaps the most significant data programme in the UK- support was needed to create a cohesive holistic view of all their data projects and workstreams. Helping them to orchestrate a joined-up programme and plan and a pragmatic and meaningful data strategy.
We coached and empowered the team to rapidly ‘upskill’ their understanding of the wider programme and create a robust Enterprise Data Strategy:

  • Better understand the vital role data played.

  • Engendering collaboration across the whole organisation on their data initiatives. Helping them to break silos down.

  • Insight gathering the ‘as is today’ situation across the whole department. Operations, technology and business rules.

  • Generating the target operational and commercial models through guided workshops.

  • Creating a joined-up target strategy and plan. While ensuring the approach and work aligned with the wider organisational strategy.

  • Create and aligning cohorts to the types of work to reflect the resourcing required.

  • Ultimately allowing for a clear and insightful investment case.

The team, with our support, rose to the challenge to create The Enterprise Data Strategy and gain approval from the exco Strategy Committee. The teams’ knowledge of data as a core asset and its applications has massively expanded. The data strategy is being used to guide the implementation of this multi-million programme. DWG continues to assist in this stage of the plan.

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