Need a Product Roadmap that stands scrutiny ?

A Product Roadmap is great for communicating your vision.  What’s challenging about building one is that stakeholders often have strong opinions and differing interpretations of user or market research. How can we resolve this painlessly? […]

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IBM HR Summit 2016: Key takeaways

IBM HR Summit 2016: Major trends and impact   The IBM HR Summit 2016 took a firm stand on open HR and the cognitive era – the latter being IBM vision across all sectors and products. The main objective of the day was to prove that HR can be a profit centre and that [...]

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Digital Product Development Challenges Faced by Big Businesses

Lawrence De’Ath, Head of Product & Technology at Digital Works Consulting gives his perspective on the challenges faced by big businesses when developing successful new digital products.    Sophie: What do you see as the specific challenges in digital being faced by big businesses? Lawrence: Digital is new for many successful larger businesses. They are [...]

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The Single Reason Projects Fail

... or, The Positive Side of Being Negative! Every now and again a high-profile project – usually IT-based, often but not always a public sector one – hits the headlines for failing spectacularly. Massively over budget, months or even years late, didn't even deliver what was expected... you've heard it all many times. These big failures [...]

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Top 5 tips for creating a successful systems architecture strategy

Getting the right systems architecture in place is essential whatever technology you are planning to employ. It is the platform upon which everything else hinges. The first piece of the jigsaw puzzle. Get it right and the rest of the pieces will fit seamlessly in. Get it wrong and you could be looking at spiralling [...]

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How to Pick the Right Projects

The Right (New) Stuff If your business is online in whatever capacity – pure digital play, traditional business with increasing digital footprint, or somewhere in between – you will have realised by now that change is constant. There's a never-ending stream of New Stuff to do. Some is a variation of what you've done before, [...]

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