Fifteen Hundred Pounds!? Fly Now Pay Later takes the sting out of holidays.

Trips abroad add up, and most travel operators expect all of the money up front. Even if you can easily afford it, who wants to shell out the big bucks all in one go? How about that last mobile upgrade you got? I’ll bet you barely noticed it even though it probably cost almost [...]

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Insurance – is continuity about to be king?

  An industry ripe for change The insurance market is fast becoming the next industry to grasp the nettle and move into the brave new Digital world with the help of new disruptive insurance technology. In many ways, this digital transformation is similar to the story of Telco. Since 2003 Telco’s have been investing in [...]

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CPPGroup is recognised for its remarkable business transformation

Congratulations to Global insurance and assistance services business CPPGroup plc, who were awarded the ‘Turnaround of the Year’ at The IFT 2015 Awards. This is a highly deserved award, and testament to the successful business transformation they have undergone over the past year or so. The award acknowledges the rebirth of CPP, having dealt with [...]

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Banks of the future: Digital first please

2015 has already been an amazing year for disruptive Fintech. Although the US leads the way in terms of global investment in this sector, the UK and Ireland is the fastest growing region for FinTech investment globally, with a burgeoning number of new UK startups, supported by accelerator programmes such as the Fintech Innovation Lab [...]

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Booming FinTech appeals to millennial generation

The world of FinTech is booming. In fact, in the last 6 months UK FinTech companies have received £300 million in funding from VCs. This is hardly surprising given the recent success stories we have seen emerge within this space; just look at the meteoric rise of TransferWise since it was founded in 2010. They [...]

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Kalixa Group launches new mobile Chip & PIN payment service – Kalixa Pro

Digital Works Consulting (‘DWC’) is delighted to hear that Kalixa have now officially launched Kalixa Pro. Kalixa Pro is a mobile point of sale (mPOS) solution that enables small businesses, sole traders and mobile workers to accept face-to-face card payments from customers via their smartphone.  Elegantly providing the ability to offer a card payment facility [...]

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Kalixa Payment Group Acquires PXP Solutions

Digital Works Consulting are delighted to hear that one of our clients, Kalixa Payments Group have just announced that they have acquired payments company PXP Solutions. The acquisition means that Kalixa is now ranked as one of the top five payment services providers in the world, based on their end-to-end capabilities across the entire payments value [...]

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The fluctuating fortunes of Bitcoin

I was just in the middle of writing this blog post when the news broke that Bitcoin’s one time biggest exchange house Tokyo-based MtGox had suddenly stopped trading this week amid reports that more than 750,000 Bitcoins are missing. A case in point of Bitcoin’s literally fluctuating fortunes.  However this ‘blip’ in the Bitcoin history [...]

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FinTech start-up set to disrupt international payments space for SMEs

The FinTech space is definitely an exciting place to be right now. You only have to take a look at the Fintech50 list to see the level of activity and development that is happening in this sector. This innovation is transforming the way businesses and consumers alike make and receive payments and creating healthy competition [...]

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Payments news that caught our eye

          Bitcoin The virtual currency Bitcoin continues to a make the headlines. The most recent announcement being that Richard Branson's Space Venture will be accepting Bitcoin for payments. Branson, by the way, has invested in Bitcoin, seeing an obvious synergy between the two emerging technologies. Debate is still happening relating to the [...]

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