The future of retail Part 3: digital transformation in retail

In a three-part series our retail and customer experience expert Jonathan Hilton discusses the ‘future of retail’, offering insight into the current challenges retailers’ face, along with some proven advice on how they can start to fight back. In part two, Jonathan explored what it means to be an omni-channel retailer, who is successfully [...]

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The future of retail part 2: the importance of becoming an omnichannel retailer

In a three-part series our retail and customer experience expert Jonathan Hilton discusses the ‘future of retail’. He offers insight into the current challenges retailers face, along with proven advice on how retailers can future-proof their business. In part 2 Jonathan discusses: What it means to be an omnichannel retailer ‘Bricks and clicks’ – a [...]

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iRexM3 | Delivering your ‘A-Game’ to the shelf edge

iRexM3 is an innovative retail marketing technology solution, solving a major pain point for retailers – dynamic ticketing and pricing. We have been following the evolution and growth of the iRexM3 journey over the last couple of years. In this interview I catch up with Mark Thornton, Vestcom UK's Head of Digital Marketing, on [...]

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Digital Star – Connected Retailing

Connected Retailing The digital star is brightest when the customer is at the heart of the connected retailing experience, and it is digital that provides the backbone for this to happen.  How bright a company’s digital star shines depends on how connected their sales and distribution channels are. Research consistently shows that connected retailing results [...]

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The future of retail part 1: retail reinvented

Every month seems to bring more depressing retail statistics of once loved brands... Last year Poundworld, Toys R Us and Maplin. Recently, Debenhams, and even retail giant John Lewis had to slash staff bonus as profit fell 45%. Not agile enough to have adapted to a fluctuating and highly competitive customer driven environment? Struggling with [...]

Retail Transformation: The perfect storm?

In this blog, I am going to share my insights on retail transformation, taken from a recent presentation I gave on behalf of RetailWeek. Retail is an area I am passionate about. It is a space that is both dynamic and challenging but above all resourceful, resilient and creative. There is no denying that our [...]

Client Spotlight: Integrated Retail, Transforming Ticketing for Retailers

In this interview, I catch up with Damon Harding - Partner in our Strategy & Leadership practice - who has been working with Integrated Retail, an innovative retail marketing technology company taking the pain out of ticketing for retailers. Customer Experience is everything... In a world of multi-channel, both online and bricks and mortar retailers have [...]

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Join Travelodge and become part of its fantastic digital journey

Five months after I engaged with them, I can honestly say Travelodge has been one of the most rewarding and fascinating businesses I have ever been involved with. A company with ambition, fuelled by the buzz of success. On its knees in 2012, it has experienced an incredible turnaround, with revenues nearly five times what [...]

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It’s good to get your hands dirty

At Christmas, my brother-in-law asked me to help him set-up a ceramic tile ecommerce arm as an extension to his distribution business. I have to admit my first reaction was not good, as working with the family can be fraught with difficulties. However, after a few glasses of vino and some not inconsiderable family pressure [...]

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10 interesting ecommerce news stories we spotted

Ebay expanding range of digital currency  The recently reported that EBay will be expanding the number of digital currencies it accepts, incorporating retailer’s loyalty schemes initially, and hinting that it may even offer Bitcoin at some point in the future. Amazon’s ‘Prime’ delivery twice as popular as ‘Free Shipping’ Amazon have revealed that its unlimited 2 [...]

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