Myth busting – innovation is too financially risky

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Innovation is too financially risky and there’s too much uncertainty, or it’s too slow to pay off – these are commonly voiced concerns.   Often I hear, “Wouldn't we just be better investing money [...]

Innovation myth – innovation only comes from genius inventors

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Let’s bust this innovation myth! This is the first in a series of common myths that cause confusion about innovation, and create barriers that block leaders from taking action to move their businesses forward. [...]

Digital access to personal medical data is changing how healthcare is delivered

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Covid is accelerating digital adoption and innovation and the healthcare sector is no exception. Digital access to personal medical data is changing how healthcare is delivered. A paper published by IQVIA, Institute for Human [...]

The Case For Change: The Case For Transformation

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If you're not convinced yet that there is a case for change and case for digital transformation, then read on. Acceleration in digital One of my favourite quotes is, "The world will never be this [...]

How the CFO can lead digital transformation to increase business agility

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Sign Up! For proven digital transformation advice and resources – blogs, interviews, webinars, guides and more. subscribe In 2019 enterprises invested $1.3 trillion in digital transformation [...]

The Legal sector must innovate: Can Intelligent Automation help?

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For many years the Legal sector was generally recognised as a closed profession with traditional business structures, the billable hour and somewhat outdated processes and practices. Post the Legal Services Act (2007) and the [...]

The New Normal: Reaction, Recovery and Resilience

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Cultural change normally happens gradually as new ideas take hold and gain gradual adoption and acceptance. Covid-19 social distancing rules have forced cultural change overnight and they may be in place - in some [...]

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