Generation Digital – Worlds apart?

  What is digital technology really disrupting?   The uptake of digital services by consumers on phone, tablet, and TV is disrupting companies, organisations and patterns of work. Digital is upsetting the status quo in surprising ways; whilst the superheroes of the age of digital disruption are often seen to be young professionals, the populations [...]

Is your business ready for digital change? 6 areas to focus for success

  Digital Transformation (DT) means different things to different people. I can tell you now, there is no magic formula to adopt to make it happen. DT covers a huge subject area, but generally refers to the process of changing your business by embracing the changes/opportunities in online customer behaviour OR through the adoption [...]

Sales Hustle! Start-Up Metrics and Effective Sales Process

Joensuu Entrepreneurs Society held a fun sales event on Saturday evening on October 5th for an audience of around 100 students, entrepreneurs and local established business players. I was asked to be the ‘warm up’ act, and I am glad I did not have to follow Steli Efti from Elastic Inc, who gave an entertaining [...]

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Changing the wheels, while the train is running

We talk with multiple companies and are always amazed when we come across those who question whether digital adoption is fundamentally a good idea. In fact, because the evidence is so compelling, we have come to the conclusion that what they really mean is whether Digital is good for them. Truthfully, that is not quite [...]

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The Digital Primordial Soup

One of the benefits of being around the digital block for a while is perspective. Perspective driven by knowledge and experience. A useful perspective for the digital environment is whether something is really new or just re-hashed under another name; and if the later, how experience(s) can be used to increase the pace of successful [...]

It’s all About Trust

A few weeks ago I attended the annual Army Vs Navy rugby match at Twickenham. Years previous it had always been a great weekend, and I definitely wasn't disappointed. I was having conversations with friends I hadn't seen for 20 years, but it felt like it was only 20 minutes. Now you may be thinking [...]

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Proven Methods for Digital

Business text books, courses and consultants teach us about how to do things the right way. Proven methodologies for how to be successful in business.  This is not wrong.  There clearly are repeatable, best practice methods that can help businesses in any given situation de-risk and improve their chances of a successful outcome. Whether growing, [...]

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The Elevator Pitch

The world is changing fast. Digital has opened up so many opportunities, but unfortunately with them comes a load of headaches. It’s exciting, and it’s daunting too. But It’s do or die. Transform, or risk getting left behind. Chances are that most executives in your business know that change is needed. But actually getting ‘buy-in’ [...]

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Digital Darwinism

In essence, the research conducted by The Altimeter Group explores what digital transformation is, how companies are embracing change, and the challenges and opportunities that emerge throughout the process. The research was formed via a series of interviews with digital strategists and executives at some leading brands, and makes for interesting reading. As the digital [...]

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There’s no school, like the old school

Lets talk about sales process optimisation. No please don’t stop reading! That’s what I was asked to write about, but don’t worry I’m skirting around it. How about I start with this - you need new sales. Whether you have more growth that you can cope with, or too many customers or clients competing for [...]

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