Netflix: Using Big Data For Big Decisions

Using your data for strategic decision-making Much has already been written about how online companies can use their masses of customer behaviour data to achieve increasingly accurate 'segment of one' personalisation – but while some companies are just getting in on this 'micro' angle of using customer data, others are reaping the benefits of also looking [...]

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Big Data and Emerging Payments

When things get really Sexy… Q:  What is more sexy than Emerging Payments?  What is more sexy than Big Data ? A: When both of these collide. I had the real privilege a few weeks back to have a conversation with Charles Fraenkl, former CEO of Click & Buy and now a guru and investor [...]

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Big Data Needs Big Data

Soon Big Data will need Big Data… I watch the growing column inches on Big Data and I have to admit to a Schadenfreuden smile because it’s beginning to follow the normal cycle. What starts with a great concept, which has in fact has been talked about for at least ten years in relatively clear [...]

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