Expert interview: Achieving Profitable Business Transformation

Digital transformation is not for the faint-hearted; it can be complex, and expensive. Businesses know that they need to invest in ‘digital’ for a whole host of reasons - to remain competitive, improve productivity, connect better with their customers, innovate and more. Often the missing part of the jigsaw, however, is a thorough understanding of [...]

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Speech Intelligence Analytics startup Gweek wins Best AI Innovation in Natural Language Processing

The development of new digital solutions based on artificial intelligence and machine learning continues to explode in 2017. In particular, new technology based on speech recognition is opening up some exciting applications. Recently Digital Works have had the pleasure of supporting an innovative speech intelligence analytics startup, now gathering commercial momentum -  gweek. Indeed, recognition [...]

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What HR professionals can learn from a Talent and People Analytics Accelerator workshop

Recently we were delighted to run a stimulating Talent and People Analytics Workshop event and meet many passionate HR leaders. The 3-hour event was co-sponsored and hosted by our friends at IBM talent analytics team at the IBM Client Centre in London. I facilitated, supported by Alex Gibson (Solutions Consultant – People Analytics [...]

Are You Making the Most of Customer Information?

In order to survive and stay competitive in today’s customer-driven economy, attention to customer experience is not just important, it is absolutely CRITICAL. Even with the most innovative product or service, if your customer experience lets you down, you will fall at the final hurdle. Your customers will vote with their feet and rapidly go [...]

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The Power of Relevancy

One of my favourite digital businesses is LinkedIn. I first became a member in 2003 (I think) while working at Freeserve and was a convert/advocate almost immediately. I loved what the business was offering, how it worked and the possibilities it provided. I remember talking to a few smart recruiters/head hunters and telling them this [...]

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Data Centre Evolution and Networks

The computer industry has progressed; from Mainframes to Client-server to Cloud Computing. Cloud computing is the delivery of shared computing resources, as a service, via the Internet. It’s built on top of a virtualized infrastructure, enabling multiple instances of infrastructure resources to run on the same hardware. This, on-demand, service delivery model improves efficiency, agility [...]

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Heatwaves… and Big Data

It is somewhat scary to think that one for the first uses of ‘big data’, through high powered analytical computing power, was its use in the prediction of the weather. Beyond a certain time line, because of Chaos Theory, it is widely regarded as virtually impossible to predict the weather due to the number of [...]

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Smeebi Business Intelligence seek equity style funding to fuel product and market expansion

Smeebi, an up and coming Business Intelligence solution targeted at the SME market, has just entered the pre-round of equity crowd-funding with FundedByMe. FundedByMe is Europe’s fastest growing equity based crowd investment platform, connecting investors and entrepreneurs.  The platform allows people to get involved and invest in exciting business projects early on. Smeebi was established in 2011, [...]

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Rovi Debuts Entertainment Analytics, Big Data for Multiscreen

Rovi Corporation, a global leader in digital entertainment technology solutions, has just launched a new Audience Management Solution, an advanced predictive analytics solution which will enable 'broadcast networks, cable TV operators, service providers, and others in the television distribution industry to employ big data sets to define, execute and measure the performance of subscriber offers, program promotions [...]

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