5 benefits of a Voice of the Customer programme

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You may have heard of Voice of the Customer (VoC) but not fully understand what it is? Here's a quick explainer and five key benefits you'll get from running a Voice of the [...]

Digital access to personal medical data is changing how healthcare is delivered

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Covid is accelerating digital adoption and innovation and the healthcare sector is no exception. Digital access to personal medical data is changing how healthcare is delivered. A paper published by IQVIA, Institute for Human [...]

Expert interview: Achieving Profitable Business Transformation

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Digital transformation is not for the faint-hearted; it can be complex, and expensive. Businesses know that they need to invest in ‘digital’ for a whole host of reasons - to remain competitive, improve productivity, connect [...]

Speech Intelligence Analytics startup Gweek wins Best AI Innovation in Natural Language Processing

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The development of new digital solutions based on artificial intelligence and machine learning continues to explode in 2017. In particular, new technology based on speech recognition is opening up some exciting applications. Recently Digital Works [...]

What HR professionals can learn from a Talent and People Analytics Accelerator workshop

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Recently we were delighted to run a stimulating Talent and People Analytics Workshop event and meet many passionate HR leaders. The 3-hour event was co-sponsored and hosted by our friends at IBM talent [...]

Are You Making the Most of Customer Information?

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In order to survive and stay competitive in today’s customer-driven economy, attention to customer experience is not just important, it is absolutely CRITICAL. Even with the most innovative product or service, if your customer experience [...]

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