Carbon Reduction Plan: Digital Works Group

Last updated in June 2024

1.0 Estimated total emissions tonnes CO2e

Digital Works Consulting Ltd t/a Digital Works Group

Total Score 163

Country – United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Sector – Other business activities (consultancy, legal, accounting services, advertising, employment activities)

Scope 3 % of emissions tonnes CO2e
Business travel 51.4% 83.7
Purchased goods and services 48.6% 79

2.0 Background to current score

Work has commenced on carbon reduction plan for Digital Works Consulting Ltd with a target date of 2029. It should be noted that carbon emissions were already low for DWG as they work remotely by design and have no central office space. This means that Direct & Indirect emissions from assets owned by DWG (Scope 1 &2) are significantly lower than the industry benchmark. The plan, therefore, focuses on reducing Scope 3 emissions from business travel, and purchased goods and services.

We aim to meet the carbon neutral target by 2029, by offsetting the final 120 tonnes of carbon through the purchasing of carbon credits.

3.0 Linking to our values

At DWG, we live out our values which we all took time to input and develop. They are important to us and we actively seek partner organisations with similar values and outlook. In achieving our carbon targets and in every dealing with every fellow human being, we seek to be;

  • Impactful – focused on delivering real business benefit and value
  • Empowering – educating and transferring skills and knowledge
  • Human – strong relationships, working collaboratively and empathetically
  • Uncomplicated – clarity, simplicity, but with a customer-centric ethos
  • Trustworthy – open, honest, fair and committed.

4.0 Our Strategic Plan for Carbon Reduction

4.1 Reducing business travel

4.1.11 Virtual Meetings

We seek to be impactful by implementing strict guidelines for business travel and prioritising virtual meetings where a physical one is not necessary, however, because humans need face to face contact, we will also be targeting physical meetings when necessary and making them count. We seek to be impactful through continuing to adopt technology solutions that support humans to remote work effectively, reducing the need for commuting and physical office spaces.

4.1.12 Use carpooling, public transport of cycling

We seek to empower and incentivise our employees through loans and tax efficient schemes, to use public transportation, or to cycle, for work-related travel. We also encourage human collaboration though carpooling although we recognise this is complex for our consultants who are usually spread across multiple client sites and only applicable in a few multi-person engagements.

4.1 Managing the supply Chain

4.2.11 Local Sourcing

We seek to empower local traders who source goods and services locally to each consultant’s home, to minimise transportation emissions, and prioritise suppliers with sustainable practices.

4.2.12 Minimise Data Centre Use

We seek to be impactful by evaluating and optimising energy efficiency in any operational facilities or data centres used by DWG and its customers. We encourage uncomplicated businesses through good management of data with regular archiving and deletion of data in line with policies which in turn uses less electricity.

4.2.13 Supply chain

We can be trusted to do our part at DWG but we don’t stop there! We engage with selected suppliers who assess their own carbon footprint and work collaboratively, learning from each other, to make an impact by reducing emissions throughout the supply chain.

4.2.14 Education & Training

We educate employees on sustainable practices and trust & encourage them to contribute ideas for further emission reductions. We regularly monitor and report on carbon emissions to track progress and adjust strategies as needed.

4.2.15 Carbon offset credits

When we at DWG commit to a target, we can be trusted to deliver on it. If we don’t make sufficient progress, we will pay to offset carbon emissions through ethical services projects aligned with our values.

5.0 DWG Carbon Emissions Target

Co2e Tonnes  23/24  24/25 25/26 26/27 27/28 C28/29
Scope 1 0 0 0 0 0 0
Scope 2 0 0 0 0 0 0
Scope 3
Business Travel 83.7 80 75 70 65 60
Purchased Goods & Service 79 75 70 65 60 60
Offsetting 0 0 0 -40 -80 -120
Total 162.7 155 145 95 45 0