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Leaders, make it personal!

The number of articles, round tables and webinars on how to lead people working from home (WFH) has exploded since the outbreak. Playbooks with Do’s and Don’ts. Great tips and hints on tools to use and platforms to adopt. Training sessions on wellness, family management, the frequency and duration of a meeting, or the style [...]

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8 Simple Tips for Building a Better Digital Experience

This week I found myself having to fly to Düsseldorf on business. I had flown with this German company before, but for the first time in years, I had to book the business flight myself. Skyscanner, wonderful as always, gave me the right schedule and airline information about the flight. But when hitting this aviation [...]

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The New Normal: Reaction, Recovery and Resilience

Cultural change normally happens gradually as new ideas take hold and gain gradual adoption and acceptance. Covid-19 social distancing rules have forced cultural change overnight and they may be in place - in some form - for many months to come. When this crisis is over our expectations as employees and consumers, and how [...]

Innovation in Utilities and the Role of Intelligent Automation

As disruptive forces continue to transform the utility sector, many companies are turning to digital technologies to drive innovation and cost benefits, so they can compete and thrive in what is an increasingly volatile and uncertain era. In this podcast episode, digital experts Damon Harding at Digital Works Group, and Joe [...]

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Crisis Management for Finance Leaders

In this interview, Marjory Carrero shares her thoughts on the impact of Covid-19 on business, talks candidly about crisis management and advises what Finance leaders should be focusing on. Marjory draws on years of international business and financial knowledge, and reflects on her crisis management experience when she managed the financial operations for Coca-Cola during [...]

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A Guide for Crisis Communications

This practical guide will help you improve your employee, customer and partner communications during the Covid-19 crisis.  Covering the 'who', 'what' and 'how to communicate', which 'channels to use' and some useful examples, create a better experience through effective communications. Guide Content Links Identify your target audiences Communicating with your Employees Communicating with your Customers [...]

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Five digital marketing techniques for powering through Coronavirus

Today, in these uncertain times, we are all facing new and unforeseen challenges and feeling the economic impact of Coronavirus. So, how do you prepare your business for the long haul? Well, we need to work smarter and be ready to tackle the problems head-on. Here are five digital marketing techniques you can use to [...]

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A brief history of enterprise architecture: lessons we can learn and apply

Let’s face it. Systems architecture can a dry subject! But as a technical and business architect who’s been at this a long time, I have witnessed the evolution of enterprise architecture. Good and bad. As an architect, I’m normally focussed on determining the boundaries between components and the balance to ensure the client gets the [...]

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Expert Interview: A marketing communications transformation

What's important to get right in a marketing communications transformation? In this interview, we look at a case study of a successful marketing communications transformation led by our Senior Consultant, Gianluca Bregoli. Gianluca highlights what you need to focus on during a marketing communications transformation and offers some advice on how to do it as [...]

Employee Communications in M&A (Part 3)

In this part 3 of Employee Communications in M&A, I'm going to cover four enablers for effective Employee engagement. Disengaged employees are one of the main causes of M&A failures The success of the integration and achievement of the objectives behind the corporate deal also depends on the commitment of the workforce and its involvement [...]

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