Soon Big Data will need Big Data…

I watch the growing column inches on Big Data and I have to admit to a Schadenfreuden smile because it’s beginning to follow the normal cycle. What starts with a great concept, which has in fact has been talked about for at least ten years in relatively clear English, is now being muddied by everyone jumping on the bandwagon and injecting it with ‘marketing jargon’. I smile my smile because the only benefactor(s) of this are consultants and pre-sales. Murkiness, combined with a sexy new thing, breeds fear… and consultants can smell that for miles.

In fact, with all the column inches being written and new terms being generated; big data will soon need big data techniques to allow people to generate the 360 knowledge on the topic. Now that’s ironic.

Bottom-line, big data is about taking multiple and rich existing and new data sources, putting them through a ‘pour in’ > ‘munge’ > ‘output’ process to result in even better information, knowledge and ideally wisdom, about customers, suppliers, competitors or whoever. Ideally able to ‘know’, but also to predict and enable. Yes, the process is a little more complex than this, and the technology choice is now quite frankly bewildering, which doesn’t help your average CMO at all… but that’s the fault of technical suppliers, marketers and consultants.

Time for someone to take the mystery out of it and do a ‘Penn and Teller’…

– Sid

Andrew Salmon