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A true digital veteran with over 20 years’ experience working in the UK and international digital markets. He has a proven track record as a successful business consultant and senior executive in strategic planning, development and execution.

How to Make the Right Levels of Investment for Your Digital Transformation

A vital ingredient for successful digital transformation is making the right levels of investment. To do this you need to have clarity in your planning and a realistic approach. In this blog, we are going to address an often secondary, albeit vital, consideration in digital transformation - how you work out the investment you [...]

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How to Create a Customer Experience Led Strategy

“The customer is always right.” Harry Gordon Selfridge   One of the most famous quotes in business and the core sentiment is as true today as it has always been. The only difference now is how to deliver it, because today’s rapidly evolving digital environment is causing a radical shift in customer behaviour. This, in [...]

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Join Travelodge and become part of its fantastic digital journey

Five months after I engaged with them, I can honestly say Travelodge has been one of the most rewarding and fascinating businesses I have ever been involved with. A company with ambition, fuelled by the buzz of success. On its knees in 2012, it has experienced an incredible turnaround, with revenues nearly five times what [...]

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Changing the wheels, while the train is running

We talk with multiple companies and are always amazed when we come across those who question whether digital adoption is fundamentally a good idea. In fact, because the evidence is so compelling, we have come to the conclusion that what they really mean is whether Digital is good for them. Truthfully, that is not quite [...]

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Top 5 tips for creating a successful systems architecture strategy

Getting the right systems architecture in place is essential whatever technology you are planning to employ. It is the platform upon which everything else hinges. The first piece of the jigsaw puzzle. Get it right and the rest of the pieces will fit seamlessly in. Get it wrong and you could be looking at spiralling [...]

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The Digital Primordial Soup

One of the benefits of being around the digital block for a while is perspective. Perspective driven by knowledge and experience. A useful perspective for the digital environment is whether something is really new or just re-hashed under another name; and if the later, how experience(s) can be used to increase the pace of successful [...]

Proven Methods for Digital

Business text books, courses and consultants teach us about how to do things the right way. Proven methodologies for how to be successful in business.  This is not wrong.  There clearly are repeatable, best practice methods that can help businesses in any given situation de-risk and improve their chances of a successful outcome. Whether growing, [...]

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The Power of Relevancy

One of my favourite digital businesses is LinkedIn. I first became a member in 2003 (I think) while working at Freeserve and was a convert/advocate almost immediately. I loved what the business was offering, how it worked and the possibilities it provided. I remember talking to a few smart recruiters/head hunters and telling them this [...]

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Data Centre Evolution and Networks

The computer industry has progressed; from Mainframes to Client-server to Cloud Computing. Cloud computing is the delivery of shared computing resources, as a service, via the Internet. It’s built on top of a virtualized infrastructure, enabling multiple instances of infrastructure resources to run on the same hardware. This, on-demand, service delivery model improves efficiency, agility [...]

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Becoming Digital

Remember Negroponte’s 1995 visionary book ‘Being digital’?  It spoke of a ‘digital’ future with endless possibilities that computers and telecommunications would bring to our lives. That year, there were only 30 million people, world-wide, connected to the Internet. In 2013, there were 2.8 billion Internet users.  In the UK, 21 million households (83%) had Internet [...]

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