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Richard is a digital transformation expert with over 25 years experience delivering successful digital transformation, innovation and change in corporate and new venture environments.

How to create a clear vision and strategy for your digital transformation

In this blog, we are going to share proven insights on a major critical success factor required for successful digital transformation – creating your clear vision and strategy, objectives and targets. Your vision and strategy allow you to cement and communicate who you aspire to be, set your objectives and targets and provide you with a [...]

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A Digital Change Framework to Drive Successful Digital Transformation

Creating an effective digital change framework In this blog, we are going to share the digital change framework that we have evolved at Digital Works Group to help businesses deliver successful digital transformation. What you will learn in this blog: A change framework: The key to bringing clarity to a complex task What order should [...]

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Moving Your Business up the Digital Evolution Curve

Digital evolution is an ongoing journey for every business. Gone are the days of saying that you have ‘done’ digital after a major technology overhaul. Instead, it is an evolution to transition and optimise your business continually. Even digitally native companies know that they have to innovate and stay ahead of the game because of [...]

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5 Steps for a Successful Initiation of Digital Transformation

Lots has been written on the concept of “setting a project up for success” but doing a good job is much more than setting the objective and assigning a PM! Most people will agree that to deliver successful change, you must first establish the outcomes. This means you need to establish a clear vision with [...]

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Is your business ready for digital change? 6 areas to focus for success

  Digital Transformation (DT) means different things to different people. I can tell you now, there is no magic formula to adopt to make it happen. DT covers a huge subject area, but generally refers to the process of changing your business by embracing the changes/opportunities in online customer behaviour OR through the adoption [...]

Insurance – is continuity about to be king?

  An industry ripe for change The insurance market is fast becoming the next industry to grasp the nettle and move into the brave new Digital world with the help of new disruptive insurance technology. In many ways, this digital transformation is similar to the story of Telco. Since 2003 Telco’s have been investing in [...]

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CPPGroup is recognised for its remarkable business transformation

Congratulations to Global insurance and assistance services business CPPGroup plc, who were awarded the ‘Turnaround of the Year’ at The IFT 2015 Awards. This is a highly deserved award, and testament to the successful business transformation they have undergone over the past year or so. The award acknowledges the rebirth of CPP, having dealt with [...]

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Are you serving the smartphone user?

Just how reliant do you think you are on the internet? How would you feel if you didn’t have a phone or iPad for a day? Recently, as an experiment, I left my phone at home for the day to see just how addicted I really had become… …in short, going cold turkey was a [...]

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It’s all About Trust

A few weeks ago I attended the annual Army Vs Navy rugby match at Twickenham. Years previous it had always been a great weekend, and I definitely wasn't disappointed. I was having conversations with friends I hadn't seen for 20 years, but it felt like it was only 20 minutes. Now you may be thinking [...]

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The Elevator Pitch

The world is changing fast. Digital has opened up so many opportunities, but unfortunately with them comes a load of headaches. It’s exciting, and it’s daunting too. But It’s do or die. Transform, or risk getting left behind. Chances are that most executives in your business know that change is needed. But actually getting ‘buy-in’ [...]

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