About Jonathan Hilton

Jonathan has a wealth of experience spanning omnichannel retailing, customer experience design, retail IT, sales and service optimisation and global transformation programmes. He is a big advocate of technology such as big data, AI and machine learning to enhance the customer experience through prediction and personalisation.

Digital Star – Connected Retailing

Connected Retailing The digital star is brightest when the customer is at the heart of the connected retailing experience, and it is digital that provides the backbone for this to happen.  How bright a company’s digital star shines depends on how connected their sales and distribution channels are. Research consistently shows that connected retailing results [...]

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Retail Transformation: The perfect storm?

In this blog, I am going to share my insights on retail transformation, taken from a recent presentation I gave on behalf of RetailWeek. Retail is an area I am passionate about. It is a space that is both dynamic and challenging but above all resourceful, resilient and creative. There is no denying that our [...]

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