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Consumer Duty: How to implement fair value

By |2023-05-23T08:40:12+00:00Wednesday, May 10, 2023|Categories: Blog, Customer Experience, Regulatory|Tags: , , , |

The Consumer Duty regulation is designed to ensure that firms act in the best interests of their customers and provide products and services that offer fair value. But how do you implement fair value [...]

AI-powered Customer Experience leads to exponential growth

By |2023-04-27T10:09:54+00:00Thursday, April 27, 2023|Categories: Blog, Customer Experience, Technology & Security|Tags: , , , , |

In today's highly competitive and constantly changing environment, companies that prioritise their customers' experiences tend to outperform their competitors. Of course, high customer satisfaction has always been a key metric to measure and is [...]

Consumer Duty – have you underestimated the work to comply?

By |2023-03-15T11:32:49+00:00Tuesday, March 14, 2023|Categories: Blog, Customer Experience, Regulatory|Tags: , , , , |

The FCA want you to take Consumer Duty seriously and have already made it clear that some firms have underestimated the work required to comply. Implementation plan reviews In January, the FCA published a [...]

5 things to focus on for transformation success

By |2021-12-14T15:51:41+00:00Tuesday, December 14, 2021|Categories: Blog|Tags: , , , , , , , |

What should you focus on in your digital change or transformation programmes? What's most important for transformation success? In this video, Andrew Salmon outlines: 5 things to focus on for transformation success Insights [...]

Organisational Transformation and Leadership Challenges

By |2022-12-19T12:02:57+00:00Wednesday, November 3, 2021|Categories: Digital Culture, People & Organisations|Tags: , , , , , , |

Sign Up! For proven digital transformation advice and resources – blogs, interviews, webinars, guides and more. subscribe In the first two-part interview, I caught up with [...]

The Legal sector must innovate: Can Intelligent Automation help?

By |2020-12-08T10:38:41+00:00Thursday, November 26, 2020|Categories: Blog, Digital Change & Innovation|Tags: , , , , |

For many years the Legal sector was generally recognised as a closed profession with traditional business structures, the billable hour and somewhat outdated processes and practices. Post the Legal Services Act (2007) and the [...]

The New Normal: Reaction, Recovery and Resilience

By |2022-12-19T12:03:15+00:00Monday, November 2, 2020|Categories: Blog, Digital Change & Innovation, Digital Culture, People & Organisations, E-commerce|Tags: , , , |

Cultural change normally happens gradually as new ideas take hold and gain gradual adoption and acceptance. Covid-19 social distancing rules have forced cultural change overnight and they may be in place - in some [...]

How to Improve Organic Search Rankings

By |2020-11-03T14:07:17+00:00Friday, January 24, 2020|Categories: Blog, Marketing Optimisation|Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , |

The struggle to stay in organic search results and make your website visible is becoming more of a challenge. SEO continues to grow in significance as search engines become more discerning. So, what do you [...]

The future of retail Part 3: digital transformation in retail

By |2022-12-19T12:03:37+00:00Tuesday, November 26, 2019|Categories: E-commerce|Tags: , , , , , |

In a three-part series our retail and customer experience expert Jonathan Hilton discusses the ‘future of retail’, offering insight into the current challenges retailers’ face, along with some proven advice on how they can [...]

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