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The New Normal: Reaction, Recovery and Resilience

Cultural change normally happens gradually as new ideas take hold and gain gradual adoption and acceptance. Covid-19 social distancing rules have forced cultural change overnight and they may be in place - in some form - for many months to come. When this crisis is over our expectations as employees and consumers, and how [...]

Innovation in Utilities and the Role of Intelligent Automation

As disruptive forces continue to transform the utility sector, many companies are turning to digital technologies to drive innovation and cost benefits, so they can compete and thrive in what is an increasingly volatile and uncertain era. In this podcast episode, digital experts Damon Harding at Digital Works Group, and Joe [...]

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The future of retail Part 3: digital transformation in retail

In a three-part series our retail and customer experience expert Jonathan Hilton discusses the ‘future of retail’, offering insight into the current challenges retailers’ face, along with some proven advice on how they can start to fight back. In part two, Jonathan explored what it means to be an omni-channel retailer, who is successfully [...]

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The future of retail part 2: the importance of becoming an omnichannel retailer

In a three-part series our retail and customer experience expert Jonathan Hilton discusses the ‘future of retail’. He offers insight into the current challenges retailers face, along with proven advice on how retailers can future-proof their business. In part 2 Jonathan discusses: What it means to be an omnichannel retailer ‘Bricks and clicks’ – a [...]

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iRexM3 | Delivering your ‘A-Game’ to the shelf edge

iRexM3 is an innovative retail marketing technology solution, solving a major pain point for retailers – dynamic ticketing and pricing. We have been following the evolution and growth of the iRexM3 journey over the last couple of years. In this interview I catch up with Mark Thornton, Vestcom UK's Head of Digital Marketing, on [...]

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How to prepare your business for innovation

Everyone wants a piece of the innovation pie. According to the Office for National Statistics expenditure on research and development (R&D) performed by UK, businesses continue to grow, expanding by a whopping £1.1 billion to £23.7 billion in 2017 - an increase of 4.9% - with software development accounting for 34.7% (or £358 million). [...]

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The future of retail part 1: retail reinvented

Every month seems to bring more depressing retail statistics of once loved brands... Last year Poundworld, Toys R Us and Maplin. Recently, Debenhams, and even retail giant John Lewis had to slash staff bonus as profit fell 45%. Not agile enough to have adapted to a fluctuating and highly competitive customer driven environment? Struggling with [...]

Day in the life of… Paul Lawrence

This 'day in the life' of Paul Lawrence interview delves behind the scenes into the ever-changing world of digital marketing. Paul Lawrence is a Senior Consultant within our Marketing Optimisation team. We caught up with him to find out what he does, why digital marketing can be so darn tricky, and what advice he has [...]

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Digital business education: do you or your team need some digital advice?

Many companies agree on a priority to use digital to maintain relevance and survive in exceptionally tough commercial conditions. But the question they are then left with is – how and where do we start? Is it an I.T overhaul? Online marketing? Improving our customer experience? How should we use artificial intelligence? How can [...]

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Expertise Interview: Approaching Digital Transformation in the Charity and Not-For-Profit Sector

Digital. It’s everywhere and touches most things these days. Just consider some of these statistics: The number of connected devices that are in use worldwide now exceeds 17 billion 2018 there were an estimated 4.2 billion global internet users The global online population has now tipped the scale with an estimated 50.8% of the [...]

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