Arif Jafferji

Strategic Transformation and Growth Expert

Technical Skills
  • Digital Transformation
  • Strategy to Implementation
  • Sales and Marketing Development
  • Business Growth
  • Operational Design
  • Customer Experience Development

  • Executive Leadership Executive and Board Experience
  • Automotive

  • IT Services
  • Industrial
  • Business Services
  • Pharma and Biosciences
Arif Jafferji

Arif is an experienced transformation leader who can operate across the end-to-end change sphere, from strategy to implementation. He thrives on helping businesses scale, grow and develop, priming for on-going success.

Arif brings boundless energy and creativity. Using a collaborative approach, he can develop resilient, high-performing, cross-functional teams to set and deliver on a vision in challenging times, against aggressive timelines.

Arif’s results speak for themselves, he was able to take a very traditional organisation and transform it into an organisation that understood the business in the current environment. He also put great emphasis on understanding customer needs and then tailor bespoke solutions that met those needs. Some of the digital solutions that he developed for were scaled for the EUR region.

Automotive OEM

Key achievements include:

  • Led a full business transformation for an automotive OEM including putting in place a new operating model, e.g. structure (people and skillset), tools and systems, and ways of working and creating unique digital solutions.
  • Led the transformation discovery programme for a global financial services business to set the medium-term customer experience development roadmap.

  • Transformation planning for a global industrial business for a sales and marketing transformation.

  • Developed the sales and marketing strategy and function for a B2B e-business.

  • Led the rediscovery, proposition and marketing development for a B2B organisation. The business had been hit with a change in industry structure, thereby requiring the redevelopment of the business model and proposition.

Highlights of Arif’s 20+ years of experience include:

  • Driving significant transformation; Arif takes a 360-degree view on developing strategy and vision, organisational design and building a cast-iron roadmap for delivery.

  • Arif’s strong communication experience has brought staff and customers together on the transformation journey, winning hearts and minds.

  • Developing the right customer experience and supercharging engagement. Aligning sales and marketing and other functions. Accelerating digital and business transformation.

  • Creating robust omnichannel ecosystems; Arif is relentless on quality, with a focus that any system must be easy to use and intuitive. He is exceptionally digitally literate and technically able.

Arif can help you with:

  • Digital strategy and transformation
  • Innovation and growth strategy
  • Sales and marketing acceleration
  • Customer journey strategy
  • Process optimisation and reengineering
  • Development of omnichannel customer and operational experience
  • Brand and go-to-market
  • Target operating model
  • Transaction support including due diligence