Lessons we’ve learnt about digital change.

These bite-size videos cover the key lessons we’ve learnt over the last 10 years of working with clients on complex, digital transformations.

Lessons we’ve learnt

Introduction to the series and the first three lessons

Andrew Salmon, covers three key learnings in this first episode about your people, your focus and being brave.

The executive cannot delegate digital transformation

Who should lead digital change? It’s tempting to delegate this but Andrew Salmon explains why you shouldn’t.

Look through the customer lens

Digital transformation should not just be about IT.  Andrew Salmon explains where you should focus.

Getting the right creation process

In order to respond to the market, you need to be able to create quickly and getting the right process is key.

Other videos

Two Cultural shifts required to survive the Digital Skills Gap

Will Barribal, explains what companies need to think about in order to work through the forecasted skills shortage crisis.

Leading and changing Culture to create new business heroes

Jonathan Smare talks about who needs to lead and drive cultural change in organisations, and why it’s so important.

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