The Current Challenges Facing HR

The Challenges Facing HR   In this video, produced by Annapurna Recruitment for their HR Transformation Network, Jeff Wellstead - Digital People expert - discusses the impact of industry 4.0, or the 4th Industrial Revolution, in relation to digital transformation and the meteoric rise of a new breed of innovative tech businesses who are disrupting [...]

Generation Digital – Worlds apart?

  What is digital technology really disrupting?   The uptake of digital services by consumers on phone, tablet, and TV is disrupting companies, organisations and patterns of work. Digital is upsetting the status quo in surprising ways; whilst the superheroes of the age of digital disruption are often seen to be young professionals, the populations [...]

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7 Digital Imperatives That Should be Driving HR Now

The world is rapidly changing in the wake of digital disruption. Accelerated adoption of new technologies combined with an increasing digitally enabled and connected society will have huge impact on organisations and the people who shape them, and ultimately make them a success. If you look at the top 7 digital imperatives that are driving [...]

Is your business ready for digital change? 6 areas to focus for success

  Digital Transformation (DT) means different things to different people. I can tell you now, there is no magic formula to adopt to make it happen. DT covers a huge subject area, but generally refers to the process of changing your business by embracing the changes/opportunities in online customer behaviour OR through the adoption of [...]

The impact of digital disruption on people, culture and organisations

  Jeff Wellstead has recently joined Digital Works Consulting to lead our ‘Digital People’ practice. As a global expert in all aspects of talent, management, leadership and process life cycle phases, Jeff is helping organisations provide actionable strategies to grow people, process and technology, building highly effective innovation cultures to support the revolutionary pace of [...]

Digital Product Development Challenges Faced by Big Businesses

Lawrence De’Ath, Head of Product & Technology at Digital Works Consulting gives his perspective on the challenges faced by big businesses when developing successful new digital products.    Sophie: What do you see as the specific challenges in digital being faced by big businesses? Lawrence: Digital is new for many successful larger businesses. They are [...]

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Innovation is essential, but dont forget about consumer trust

Brands know that innovation is essential and the lifeblood of modern business. Things are moving at such a fast pace that ignoring the ‘innovation game’ could potentially put many businesses at risk of losing out on market share, or simply becoming irrelevant as new entrants come on the scene. However recent research by Edelman, ‘Innovation [...]

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Getting to grips with digital transformation: real life

Digital Transformation is a white hot topic at the moment. And whilst we can theorise about the types of experiences and challenges that businesses are facing right now, there is nothing quite like getting some direct and personal feedback from real business decision makers who are grappling with how to approach digital transformation in their [...]

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How proximity marketing is helping fashion retailers: Whitepaper for download

We know that the retail industry is evolving rapidly. And we are not just talking about eCommerce. Smart bricks and mortar (and Omni-channel) retailers are using emerging technology such as proximity marketing to stay relevant and competitive. They are recognising that customers very often blend the off-line and on-line shopping experience to shop around and [...]

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Customer experience enhanced by in-store digital innovation

At times shopping for shoes can be a rather stressful experience… queuing to find the right colour and size, trying them on to see if they actually fit, and then queuing up again to pay. But forward thinking retailers are now designing more customer friendly store designs which incorporate a range of digital features, making [...]

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