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TalkTalk hack: 5 ways to respond better using digital channels

Whilst TalkTalk feel the full brunt of both media attention and loss of consumer confidence following the "significant and sustained cyber-attack" last week, there will be businesses thinking ‘this could have been me’ and ‘what have we got in place to protect and help us to respond to a cyber attack?’ The fall-out for businesses [...]

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5 Tips for a More Profitable Customer Service

To survive and stay competitive in today’s customer-driven economy, organisations can't just deliver a great customer service anymore. They need to look for every opportunity to increase the value of each interaction, whether that's to increase the sale value or reduce operating costs. But how can you do that? If your customers are looking to [...]

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Evolving martech gives marketers direct access to data intelligence

Martech - the fusion of marketing and technology - is an intelligent response to a need to understand an increasingly complex, multifaceted digital landscape (web, email, social, mobile, ecommerce, IoT). This evolving technology is allowing businesses to make sense of data, innovate, connect and create seamless experiences for their customers across multiple channels and multiple [...]

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Product and technology expert Lawrence De’Ath joins DWC

The Product & Technology practice at Digital Works Consulting has just been boosted with the addition of Lawrence De’Ath, who joins us as Senior Partner to head up the practice. About Lawrence Lawrence brings with him over 20 years’ product and service development expertise, combined with successful team and programme leadership - having led teams to [...]

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Innovation is essential, but dont forget about consumer trust

Brands know that innovation is essential and the lifeblood of modern business. Things are moving at such a fast pace that ignoring the ‘innovation game’ could potentially put many businesses at risk of losing out on market share, or simply becoming irrelevant as new entrants come on the scene. However recent research by Edelman, ‘Innovation [...]

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Are You Making the Most of Customer Information?

In order to survive and stay competitive in today’s customer-driven economy, attention to customer experience is not just important, it is absolutely CRITICAL. Even with the most innovative product or service, if your customer experience lets you down, you will fall at the final hurdle. Your customers will vote with their feet and rapidly go [...]

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Banks of the future: Digital first please

2015 has already been an amazing year for disruptive Fintech. Although the US leads the way in terms of global investment in this sector, the UK and Ireland is the fastest growing region for FinTech investment globally, with a burgeoning number of new UK startups, supported by accelerator programmes such as the Fintech Innovation Lab [...]

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Getting to grips with digital transformation: real life

Digital Transformation is a white hot topic at the moment. And whilst we can theorise about the types of experiences and challenges that businesses are facing right now, there is nothing quite like getting some direct and personal feedback from real business decision makers who are grappling with how to approach digital transformation in their [...]

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How proximity marketing is helping fashion retailers: Whitepaper for download

We know that the retail industry is evolving rapidly. And we are not just talking about eCommerce. Smart bricks and mortar (and Omni-channel) retailers are using emerging technology such as proximity marketing to stay relevant and competitive. They are recognising that customers very often blend the off-line and on-line shopping experience to shop around and [...]

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Customer experience enhanced by in-store digital innovation

At times shopping for shoes can be a rather stressful experience… queuing to find the right colour and size, trying them on to see if they actually fit, and then queuing up again to pay. But forward thinking retailers are now designing more customer friendly store designs which incorporate a range of digital features, making [...]

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