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A creative digital all-rounder, Jarrod has nearly 20 years experience forming, launching, managing and selling nascent technologies, across mobile, e-commerce, digital media, SaaS and business intelligence.

Fifteen Hundred Pounds!? Fly Now Pay Later takes the sting out of holidays.

Trips abroad add up, and most travel operators expect all of the money up front. Even if you can easily afford it, who wants to shell out the big bucks all in one go? How about that last mobile upgrade you got? I’ll bet you barely noticed it even though it probably cost almost [...]

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So what is Social Media and why?

Whilst I’m not necessarily the best person to answer this as I am middle aged, with several 'digitally native' children and I don’t even tweet after meals, but, I have my opinions - as does everyone nowadays. I know that I love and hate Social Media at the same time. I hate it mainly because [...]

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